Izzy Goodkind has confirmed she is single and not dating her former Bachelor in Paradise co-star Vinny Ventiera.

Despite an explosive breakup on Bachelor in Paradise and then an awkward confrontation on After Paradise in which Ventiera insisted he no longer had romantic interest in Goodkind, the pair sparked rumors of a reconciliation when they were caught snuggling and flirting on a late August flight from LA to NYC.

Goodkind told Us Weekly on Wednesday that she's been in touch with the Florida barber and DJ ever since their joint appearance on After Paradise, however, their relationship is strictly platonic.

"We've seen each other, and we are nothing but friends," Goodkind, 25, said. "We are very happily both doing our own thing. And it is what it is. We have communicated a lot since then."

Ventiera, 28, was falling in love with and fully committed to the graphic designer in Paradise.

"I had the most amazing time in Paradise, and Vinny was so great," Goodkind told Us. "We had a great relationship on camera and off camera."

But once the handsome Brett Melnick arrived, Goodkind couldn't keep her eyes off him and began doubting what she had with Ventiera. She eventually dumped Ventiera because was incredibly drawn to Melnick's good looks and didn't want to settle.

Ventiera left Mexico immediately upon getting his heart crushed, but Goodkind stuck around in attempt to date Melnick. Once Melnick broke it off with her to pursue Lauren Himle, Goodkind regretted ruining her relationship with Ventiera and called him asking for a second chance.

Ventiera confessed to Goodkind over the phone that all the feelings he had developed for her in Paradise no longer existed because of how poorly she had handled the situation.

Ventiera later reiterated on After Paradise he couldn't get back together with Goodkind in fear she'd leave him again down the road for a man she simply finds more attractive.

"Everything happens for a reason," Goodking told the magazine.

As for her current relationship status, Goodkind admitted she's still looking for love in New York City.

"I'm not dating anyone in particular," she revealed. "I'm definitely going to be getting myself out there, and there's nothing holding me back now, so I'm happy."
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