This time the judging panel is dead wrong in eliminating Brittany because five Australian designers did not like her personality.  Personality is something that can be changed.  Having a natural ability to consistently take great photos is something that money or a workshop cannot buy.  Maybe the panel felt that she would not make any money for the show or anywhere in the world if she won the competition. 

If this was Australia's Next Top Model; maybe she would not get work, however this is America's Next Top Model.  In an exclusive interview see how Brittany copes with loosing a chance at becoming the 2007 winner and her revealing answers that shed light on reality TV.

QUESTION:  You were the only girl who consistently produced great photos with Jaslene coming in second.  Why do you think you were eliminated?

BRITTANY:  To be in this business you must be able to book a job.  I was very nervous on the go sees.  It was a great learning experience. Not too many people get a chance to learn from their mistakes on television.  I was so afraid of messing up that I knew if I screwed up the go sees, I would be going home.  I knew that I don't have an Australian look or a Los Angeles look and would not get hired.  It's a different demographic area.

QUESTION:  Tyra said that not one designer wanted to hire you.  How many designers did you see and what do you think rubbed them the wrong way?

BRITTANY:  I saw about five designers.  Like I said before I was nervous, too bashful, and unsure of myself and in this business you need confidence.  I came across as unsure of myself.

QUESTION:   The viewing audience always saw you as crying about something all the time.  Do you think you were portrayed well on the show?

BRITTANY:  I think they portrayed part of my personality.  You are a part of a high drama show.  The show is designed to push all your buttons.  For some reason the American public finds that entertaining.  The first few weeks you play the game.  You are put in a reality world that does not exist.  There are cameras constantly in your face and if you mess up, you're off the show and it's time to go home to reality.  It's then you realize that if you mess up, it's okay and you can move on.  It's a psychological game they play and the cameras are designed to catch every moment.

QUESTION:  Dionne had made a statement that you remembered... (Before I could get the entire question out, Brittany sounded a bit agitated and stopped me in the middle of my question and replied)

BRITTANY: I know what you are going to ask and it was in ignorant statement for her to make.  She has no idea how the brain works.  She should have done her research first before making an ignorant statement.

NOTE TO READERS: If you did not hear Dionne's comment, she said that Brittany does not have short term memory loss because when they had to do the acting scenes and memorize a script, Brittany remembered everything.  Brittany explained it to me and it made perfect sense how short term and long term memory is stored in the brain.  Our bodies are amazing and when one function of the body does not work, another part of your body will compensate.  We have a short term sensatory memory which will commit to at least 23 seconds of memory and then another part of our brain can commit to holding at least seven pieces of information.  If you don't commit your brain to long term memory, you loose the information.  Brittany went into technical details about the brain that she would have never known if this accident did not happen.  Because of Brittany we know a little more about our brain.  Thank you Brittany.

QUESTION:  After the go see challenge, you threw a temper tantrum.  What happened and was the stress of the competition getting harder to handle? Was it really the cab drivers fault for not getting you back in time?

BRITTANY:  It was my fault.  In retrospect I can see where my mistakes happened.  I was frustrated and angry.  Natasha kept telling me a gazillion times to stop being upset and to get over it.  I asked her to leave me alone but she kept trying to console me to the point that it felt like she was badgering me.  I asked her again to back off and let me be upset.  Out of respect she should have backed off.
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QUESTION:  What was your best and worst shoot?

BRITTANY:  "My worst was the woman's magazine shoot."  (I commented that she did not look comfortable with her male accessory and she said)   "I was a little uncomfortable at first.  My sexy side is reserved for my fiance.  I got past it and was able to get a good shot.  My favorite shoot was the crime scene.  I loved the artistic direction."

QUESTION:  Was the hair weave really that bad?

BRITTANY:  They had to dye my hair at least seven times to get it to match the hair weave.  My scalp was raw and blistered because they messed up my scalp with the hair dye.  By the time they braided by hair and then sewed the hair on my scalp, my scalp was sore and blistered and I was in pain.  When the scabs started to heal, my scalp itched very badly.  It was horrible.

NOTE TO READERS:  Ahhhhhh!  That's why Tyra's crew took the weave out with no problem instead of telling Brittany to get over it.  They damaged the poor child's scalp.

QUESTION:  What will you do now?

BRITTANY:  I'm going to move to New York to pursue a modeling career. (I asked her if her fiance will move with her and she replied) My fiance will remain in Georgia and take care of my house and my cat.  We will visit and fly back and forth whenever we can.  This is the type of business where we have to be away from loved ones from time to time.

I am so glad I get to bring you these interviews to set the record straight on what really is going through the minds of the girls when a particular situation seems out of control.  I really enjoyed my time talking with Brittany.  She is an intelligent, beautiful girl with a delightful personality.

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