Hunted fugitives Angela Bronson and her best friend Michele Domineck as well as Troy Pfost and his wife Chele Pfost were found and captured by the show's military and law enforcement experts during Wednesday night's special two-hour episode on CBS.

Hunted features 18 ordinary United States citizens going on the run across 100,000 square miles of the southeastern United States as fugitives. They are challenged to disappear in one of the most technologically-advanced nations in the world, and if a team of two people can avoid capture for 28 days, the pair will win $250,000.

The hunters use real-life techniques to find the fugitives, who are given a one-hour head start to get away and only have $500 in their bank accounts. The teams on the run are allowed to ask anyone for help and can travel anywhere within "the hunting zone," which includes Alabama, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

Angela and Michele began their journey by laying low, camping in the woods and avoiding friends and family. However, experts interviewed Angela's daughter at home and she revealed the pair have a third best friend named Robin, who lives in Augusta, GA.

The hunters therefore put Robin's home under surveillance, and that's where Angela and Michele briefly decided to stay. At one point, the women used Robin's phone to call their friend Keke. Angela and Michele traveled to her salon in order to help Keke clean up, and the experts managed to listen to that phone call and then track the location of the phone.

The experts also knew what kind of car to look for thanks to the women's neighbor. Although the ladies tried to make a run for it out of the salon, officials cornered them in the parking lot on the way out and they got caught. The women kicked themselves over their mistakes and vented about how much they needed that money.

As for Troy and Chele, the couple bravely "roughed it" in the Florida swamplands. They hiked, camped and trekked through the woods for a couple of weeks. Chele's body could barely take anymore, so they decided to return to the grid, borrow a phone from a random stranger, and call their friend Amanda for help.

Meanwhile, the hunters had posted "Wanted" ads on Facebook for Troy and Chele and strategically watched comments pour in to determine close friends of the married couple. As Troy and Chele headed off to Amanda's house for shelter and food, the experts browsed through old "likes" on Facebook and found that a woman named Amanda seemed to like most of their posts.

The hunters therefore determined that Amanda's house was a great place to look for the fugitives, and they were right. Although Amanda wouldn't let two hunters -- who claimed they were there to help Troy and Chele -- on her private property, Troy and Chele ran out the backdoor and into the woods.

It was simply bad luck when one hunter driving on the road spotted what appeared to be Chele running across a nearby field, so the couple was soon captured. The married pair were extremely disappointed because they went through hell to stay hidden.

The other teams who were on the run in last night's episode were David Windecher and Emiley Cox, Lee Wilson and Hilmar Skagfield, and Aarif Mirza and Immad Ahmed.

While David and Emiley managed to throw the hunters off track by having a friend rent a car in their name, the experts discovered Aarif and Immad's previously-deleted emails on iCloud and therefore gained access to all of their contacts for the game, as well as a number to call in order to reach the men.

Most of the hunters featured in last night's episode were former FBI Robert Clark, former Navy SEAL Andy Stumpn, former CIA Connie Min, former U.S. Marshals commander Lenny DePaul, former British intelligence Ben Owen, former White House chief information officer Theresa Payton, former CIA analyst Aki Peritz, former NSA Cyber intelligence Landop UV, former military cyber expert Myke Cole, behavioral specialist Dr. Max Wachtel, former U.S. army special forces Chad Light, cyber analyst Charles Debarber, former naval intelligence Steve masterson, and intelligence analyst Zaira Pirzada.