Genshin Impact is introducing three new characters from the upcoming Natlan region.

The open-world action role-playing video game teased the region Friday during a preview that aired at the end of the Version 4.8 live stream.

The teaser, titled "Need a Hand?," gives a glimpse of three new characters -- a Geo girl, a Hydro girl and a Dendro boy -- along with sights and environments in Natlan.

In addition, the characters are shown traversing the landscape using new abilities.

Natlan will be the sixth nation released in the game, following Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, Sumeru and Fontaine. The region will debut in Version 5.0, which is expected to launch in August.

Version 4.8 will be released July 16 in the United States. Nilou and Navia will be featured on the banners in the first phase of the patch, with Emilie and Yelan to follow in the second half.

Events will include Summertime Scales and Tales in the limited-time area Simulanka, Envisaged Echoes, Bing-Bang Finchball, Outside the Canvas, Inside the Lens: Dew-Kissed Chapter and Energy Amplifier: Lemma.