General Hospital and Knots Landing actor Doug Sheehan has died at his home in Wyoming at the age of 75.

Deadline, People and the New York Post reported the news Monday, but did not disclose the cause of Sheehan's death.

The California native also appeared in the TV shows Charlie's Angels, Day By Day, Cheers, Columbo, MacGyver, Diagnosis Murder, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and What I Like About You, as well as the films 10, Victor/Victoria and Cops n Roberts.

"Hollywood, as we all know, is not run by the producers, it's run by casting directors. Casting directors never watch what you're on... so, I've spent my whole time sort of breaking down the walls, with the daytime, the night-time, and half-hour comedy," Sheehan said about his career on a 1989 episode of The Arsenio Hall Show.

"They don't know if I can do full-hour comedy yet, so I have to break through."

Sheehan is survived by Cate Abert, he wife since 1981.