Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, having apparently overslept their sewage date in filming "The Simple Life," turned their attention to deer hunting.

But, there's a problem there, too. New Jersey conservation officers were investigating a report that someone with the Fox TV show illegally shot a deer from a car.

Officials said they believed the show's producers planned to film the sexy socialites gutting the creature in one of their patented forays into rural life, the Newark Star-Ledger said. A spokesman for the show said his group was not involved in the shooting.

Hilton and Richie are being filmed in a series of internships for the show and Thursday they were supposed to put in a shift at the Caprioni cesspool company in rural Belleplain, N.J.

But, they were no-shows. The Philadelphia Inquirer said they played paintball and took off in a red sport utility vehicle, reportedly to shoot at a man dressed like a deer.