Fox has revealed the identities and details of the sixteen young entrepreneurs who will compete on Richard Branson's upcoming The Rebel Billionaire: Branson's Quest For The Best reality series.

Premiering Tuesday, November 9 at 8PM ET/PT with a special two-hour debut, The Rebel Billionaire will feature Branson jetting the would-be moguls around the world in order to relive some of the personal experiences and challenges that helped shape the flamboyant self-made billionaire.

Contestants will be eliminated at each stop of the worldwide adventure, with the final remaining contestant winning what Fox is terming the "biggest prize in reality TV history" -- $1,000,000 and Branson's job as president of his Virgin Worldwide conglomerate.

The sixteen contestants competing on The Rebel Billionaire are:

• Gabriel Baldinucci, 34, a real estate investor currently residing in Miami Beach, FL. The co-owner of three pizza parlors by the age of 19, Gabriel graduated from Duke University and obtained his MBA from Stanford.

• Steve Berke, 23, a tennis pro currently residing in North Miami, FL. A recent Yale graduate, Steve is the president of a real estate management and investment firm.

• Sarah Blakely, 33, the owner/CEO of Spanx, Inc., a national women's apparel company based in Atlanta, GA.

• Aisha Krump, 27, a married pharmaceutical sales representative from Chicago, IL.

• Jennifer, 24, a radio advertising executive living in Philadelphia, PA, who will be traveling outside the United States for the first time.

• Nicole Harvat, 31, a labor attorney from San Francisco, CA, who worked her way through law school as a model.

• Sam, 24, a financial analyst residing in San Jose, CA.

• Tim Hudson, 30, a trial attorney from Chicago, IL.

• Jermaine Jamieson, 30, a married technology sales specialist/inspirational speaker from Kansas City, KS.

• Heather Maclean, 31, a married mother of two from Chicago, IL. Heather is a graduate of Princeton University and currently is the CEO of a video production company that produces educational videos for children.

• Jessica McCann, 27, former owner of an internet/phone sales company, currently living in Washington, DC.

• Shawn Nelson, 27, the married CEO of The Love Sac Corporation, a national retail chain based in Salt Lake City, UT.

• Spencer, 27, a car salesman from Austin, TX.

• Candida Tolentino, 30, owner of a raw foods company from Orange County, CA.

• Erica Vilardi, 28, a model from Los Angeles, CA.

• Michael Zindell, 28, a Wall Street strategist living in New York City.