Fox has revealed the identities of the 15 culinary contestants competing on Hell's Kitchen's fourth season, which will premiere Tuesday, April 1 at 9PM ET/PT.

Fifteen contestants represents Hell's Kitchen's largest cast ever, as the first three installments of the show each featured 12 contestants. 

Hell's Kitchen's fourth-season cast ranges in age between 24- and 47-years-old with varying degreases of experience, from culinary students and sous chefs to a catering-company owner and executive chef.  In addition, five of the contestants hail from New York, with three from Nevada, two from North Carolina and one each from Missouri, South Carolina, Illinois, New Jersey and Montana.

Similar to its first three editions, Hell's Kitchen's fourth-season cast will have to both work and live together in a restaurant/housing facility that will keep the contestants under cameras 24/7 as they try to impress foul-mouthed British chef Gordon Ramsay via various challenges and dinner services. 

Unlike the show's previous seasons, the cast will be competing for a position in one of Ramsey's own restaurants. The winner will become executive chef at The London West Hollywood, a new restaurant Ramsay is opening this summer.

Hell's Kitchen's fourth season is the first to premiere before the summer programming season and the majority of its episodes will be airing in the most-coveted time period on television -- Tuesday nights at 9PM ET/PT, immediately after Fox's 8PM ET/PT broadcasts of American Idol's seventh-season performance shows.

The 15 contestants competing on Hell's Kitchen's fourth season are:

- Ben, a 29-year-old electrician and former chef from Charlotte, NC

- Bobby, a 37-year-old executive chef from Niagara Falls, NY

- Christina, a 25-year-old culinary student from St. Louis, MO

- Corey, a 25-year-old private chef from Brooklyn, NY

- Craig, a 30-year-old sous chef from Coram, NY

- Dominic, a 43-year-old stay-at-home dad from Catawba, SC

- Jason, a 29-year-old sous chef from Las Vegas, NV

- Jen, a 24-year-old line cook from Chicago, IL

- Louross, a 24-year-old hotel cook from Las Vegas, NV

- Matt, a 35-year-old sous chef from Pinehill, NJ

- Petrozza, a 47-year-old catering director from Charlotte, NC

- Rosann, a 33-year-old receptionist and former cook from Staten Island, NY

- Sharon, a 31-year-old room-service chef from Las Vegas, NV

- Shayna, a 28-year-old catering-company owner from Buffalo, NY

- Vanessa, a 31-year-old line cook from Bozeman, MT