FOX has pulled the wraps off of its new upcoming Forever Eden series and revealed the identities of the eleven initial contestants that will take an indefinite break from their friends, families, jobs and everyday lives to find out just how long they can survive in what they think will be the most desirable, blissful existence imaginable.

At first glance, Forever Eden seems like the idyllic lifestyle a tropical paradise free from material possessions and the stresses of everyday life. But in this Eden, good and evil walk hand in hand and to survive, these guests must rely on their instincts and human nature, which may prove to be their salvation -- or their downfall.

As previously reported, Forever Eden is the new FOX reality series that will attempt to break new ground in American television as the country's first open-ended, unscripted soap opera. Created by the producers of last summer's Paradise Hotel series and even described by one series producer as "Paradise Hotel, Version 2.0," Eden's guests live together in a luxurious, tropical-resort setting and aim to stay on the show for weeks, months and possibly even years -- and the longer they stay, the more money they earn.

Similar to Paradise Hotel, each week a guest will be eliminated and replaced by someone new, who arrives armed with the knowledge of having viewed the series from home. Additionally, as in Paradise, numerous surprises and twists will be around every corner, making waves in what the guests thought would be peaceful waters.

Forever Eden premieres Monday, March 1 and Tuesday, March 2 (9-10 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

The first eleven guests willing to experience this opportunity of a lifetime are listed below. Additionally, full photos of all contestants are available in our Forever Eden photo gallery.

Brooke, 22, an office manager from Mankato, MN

Kassie, 21, a country singer from Nashville, TN

Khalilah, 23, from Boston, MA

Mary, 25, a former sports club manager from Salt Lake City, UT (currently resides in Scottsdale, AZ)

Neveen, 21, a radio DJ from Salem, OR

Shawna, 25, a pro cheerleader from Nashville, TN

Craig, 28, a fitness model from Scottsdale, AZ

David, 24, a student from Lexington, KY (Resides in Houston, TX)

Jordan, 26, a waiter and screenwriter from New York, NY

Matt, 23, a former software salesperson from Brookline, MA (currently resides in Hoboken, NJ)

Michael, 23, a YMCA program director from Mission, KS

Ruth England, a well known United Kingdom female host, will host Forever Eden. England hosts primetime shows on ITV including the long-running travel show Wish You Were Here.

Forever Eden is produced by Mentorn in association with A. Smith and Co. Tom Gutteridge, Arthur Smith, Charles Thompson, Bruce Toms and Kent Weed serve as executive producers.