Jason Wahler's problems with alcohol have once again gotten him in trouble.

The former Laguna Beach star was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in Newport Beach, CA on Friday night, People reported Sunday.

Wahler was taken into custody at 10:54PM after he was stopped while driving a 2008 Chevy Tahoe, according to People, which added he was subsequently released on his own recognizance hours later.

The arrest is the sixth drinking-related arrest for Wahler in recent years and will "almost" certainly land him jail time, according to People.

In September 2006, Wahler was traveling in a car with friends when their vehicle was blocked by a tow truck that was being operated by Alarcon and another tow-truck driver.

Rather than waiting for the pair to finish moving an illegally parked vehicle and get their tow truck out of the way, Wahler reportedly got out of his car and punched the tow-truck driver as well as a traffic officer that was also onsite.  Prosecutors also subsequently claimed Wahler used racial slurs against two of the African-American men.

His blood alcohol level was allegedly .22% at the time of the altercation and he subsequently pled no contest to one count of battery and was sentenced to two months in jail, however the prison stint was delayed so he could instead go to rehab -- which he did and completed in June 2007.

The incident also caused Wahler to be slapped with lawsuits -- both of which were settled -- by the tow truck driver and traffic officer.

Wahler was also arrested in September 2006 in Greenville, NC for underage drinking and resisting a public officer.

In April 2007, Wahler was arrested for assault and criminal trespassing in Seattle, which resulted from an incident in which police were called after Wahler allegedly punched a security guard in the mouth after receiving numerous warnings to stop wrestling in the lobby with a friend, fled the scene, and was later found passed out in a third-floor hallway "smelling strongly of alcohol," according to the incident report.

Wahler eventually plead guilty to charges of assault and a minor exhibiting signs of intoxication and received a 30-day jail sentence.

A Wahler representative could not be reached for comment when contacted by People.