Kelly Osbourne said childhood memories in Britain of her mother battling bulimia led her to vow not to go down that same path.

As a consequence, the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has never been on a diet, saying she loves her body no matter what, the Sun said. "I just believe in eating healthily," Osbourne said in an interview with the newspaper. "I will always be a little bit fat and I don't care."

She said she was pressured to be skinny and subject to derision for her weight when living with her famous family in Los Angeles.

Since shooting to fame as a teenager in her family's reality show "The Osbournes" in 2002, Kelly has been given a number of her own projects. She's had a No. 1 hit with her dad, hosted a television show and now fronts Sky One's fashion program Project Catwalk.

A documentary, "Turning Japanese," follows Kelly living in Japan for two months and is scheduled to air in Britain next month.

After her British projects are cleared, Osbourne plans to travel to the United States for a project with her mother.