It's just another week and just another legal settlement for former Laguna Beach bad boy Jason Wahler.

Fresh on the heels of this month's jury decision that he needs to pay $20,000 to tow-truck driver Dario Stevenson for to a September 2006 altercation, the 21-year-old has settled a second lawsuit with Department of Transportation traffic worker Jonathan Wallace -- who was also part of the 2006 incident -- E! News reported Monday.

The out-of-court settlement was disclosed in court documents filed by Wallace's attorney on Friday and voids the scheduled November 26 start date for the case, according to E! News.  The settlement's terms were not detailed in the filing.

Like Stevenson's lawsuit, Wallace's lawsuit -- which accused Wahler of assault, battery, and civil-rights violations -- stemmed from a 2006 incident in which a vehicle Wahler was traveling in got blocked by a tow truck Stevenson was using to move an illegally parked vehicle. 
Wallace's lawsuit -- which he filed in August 2007 -- claimed he was assisting Stevenson when the vehicle carrying Wahler almost "clipped" the tow truck as well as Wallace.

Wallace, who like Stevenson, is black, also alleged in the lawsuit that the car then pulled over and Wahler and another passenger -- who are both white -- then exited the vehicle "in an aggressive and confrontational manner."

"Wahler approached the tow-truck driver first, physically thrusting his chest into that of the tow-truck driver while unleashing a verbal barrage of racial statements and swearing profusely," the suit contended.

Wallace claimed he attempted to calm Wahler "in a professional and courteous manner," after which Wahler answered with a chest thrust and allegedly called the officer a "n***er," "motherf***er," "fag" and "fatass." Wahler then allegedly struck Wallace in the left eye before he reportedly turned his attention to Stevenson -- during which Wallace called the Los Angeles police, according to the lawsuit.

Wahler eventually plead no contest to one count of battery and received a two-month jail sentence that was later converted into a rehab stint, however Wallace and Stevenson still proceeded to file their civil lawsuits over the altercation.

Stevenson alleged in his lawsuit that he had pinned Wahler to the ground at one point in the altercation, after which Wahler had punched him and told him to "go back to Africa."

Stevenson had asked for $1 million in damages from the former Laguna Beach star.