After Eden's surprising first banishments, two newcomers arrive to stir things up on the next episode of Forever Eden, airing Monday, March 8 (9-10 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

With Craig and Mary banished, the two newcomers to Eden are:

• Wallace, 28, a physical therapy grad student from Chicago, IL (Resides in New York City)

• Liz, 23, a radio ad salesperson from Houston, TX (Resides in Austin, TX)

On the Tuesday, March 2 episode of Forever Eden, Mary was given the choice to spare or banish Craig. To the surprise of all the residents of Eden, she decided to banish Craig and discovered that she had also sealed her own fate. In an unexpected twist, what Mary chose for Craig, she chose for herself, and therefore she was also banished from Eden forever.

Forever Eden is produced by Mentorn in association with A. Smith and Co. Tom Gutteridge, Arthur Smith, Charles Thompson, Bruce Toms and Kent Weed serve as executive producers.