NBC must use the same background checkers as Fox, because their Prince Charming is looking like a toad. The Smoking Gun reports that Rob Campos, the bachelor on "For Love Or Money", was expelled from the JAG training program as a result of a drunken grope of a female Navy officer.

According to the victim, one morning in June 1999, Campos, age 29 at the time, entered the 5' 4" woman's room uninvited, advanced on her, and began to grab her breasts. She was able to escape from him, thanks to a well-timed knee shot. In a brief interview with The Smoking Gun, Campos, described in his NBC bio as "keen, intelligent, honest and hospitable," said he was unable to recall any details of the incident because he was "too drunk," but that "my buddies said she got angry because I was too drunk to get it up." Ah, what a catch for the ladies... we imagine the lucky "winning" lady isn't going to have to think twice in chosing the $1,000,000 over this wonderful bachelor.

According to Campos' NBC bio, he "joined the U.S. Marine Corps as a Judge Advocate". Contacted Friday, "Love Or Money" producer Bruce Nash also confirmed Campos told them there was "absolutely nothing irregular" about his JAG service. In actuality, Campos was formally disciplined, kicked out of the program, and shuffled to a low-level position helping enlisted personnel and military personnel prepare their taxes. Unlike successful graduates of the JAG program, Campos was never promoted above his initial rank of second lieutenant, and he was allowed to leave before completing his service commitment. Campos did not disclose this information to NBC, saying he "thought it was a private matter".

Interestingly enough, this news comes out as NBC has been showing promotions where Campos is apologizing to the women for his drunken behavior. According to executive producer Bruce Nash, Campos had pushed a woman's backside with his boot. Guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

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