Flip or Flop star Tarek El Moussa has revealed he's enjoying the single life and would even consider starring on The Bachelor.

"I would be open to that," Tarek told E! News when asked if he'd be interested in finding love on a reality show such as ABC's The Bachelor. "Yeah. I would absolutely be open to that."

It's been about one year since Tarek split from his Flip or Flop co-star Christina El Moussa and the pair, who had been married for seven years, began dating other people.

Since many months have passed, the father of two apparently feels comfortable enough to open up about his current dating life.

"I've never really been single before, believe it or not, so it's a whole new life and I'm having a lot of fun," Tarek said during the sit-down interview with E! News. "I'm just a free spirit. I'm happy. I love going on dates. I like meeting girls."

Tarek, 35, then jokingly looked into cameras and told girls to message him on his official Instagram account.

"No, I'm just enjoying it," Tarek said on a serious note. "The biggest thing I'm doing half of the time is spending time with my kids, and the other half is traveling. I'm going out to dinners. I'm meeting new friends. I live in a new city, so it's a whole new life."

Tarek filed for divorce from Christina, 33, in January 2017. Despite their split, the couple continue to co-parent their children -- Taylor, 6, and Brayden, 20 months -- amicably as well as film Flip or Flop together for HGTV.

Tarek and Christina have made headlines in recent months because of their shocking divorce, so he admitted it can be "difficult" dating new women in the public eye. However, he accepts that all the attention comes with the territory of being a reality TV star and famed house flipper.

And on the bright side, Tarek told E! News, "To meet girls is a lot easier than it's ever been."

"If you look in the tabloids lately, I've been with three different girls and somehow people take pictures and all the articles come out. That's one of the weird things," he shared. "I'll go on a date and all of a sudden, it's all over the Internet, but it's part of the game."

When asked whether he's dating anyone right now in particular, Tarek replied, "Not anyone specific. Not exclusively... but I do have a couple friends... I'm dating a few people."