Fashion Star eliminated womenswear designer Oscar Fierro during Tuesday night's second episode of the new reality fashion design competition on NBC.

Fierro, a 37-year-old from Lewisville, TX who also owns four assisted living facilities, was eliminated after Fashion Star's thirteen remaining designers participated in a fashion show in which they each presented three designs for purchase to clothing buyers Nicole Christie, Terron E. Schaefer and Caprice Willard. 

In addition, celebrity mentors Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos also offered their feedback on the designs.

Fierro -- who was saved by Simpson, Richie and Varvatos last week after he designed three dresses they panned as typical clubwear -- presented two short dresses and a blouse which were similarly criticized by the mentors this week.

"As far as the looks on the runway tonight, I'm not over the moon about it," Simpson told Fierro.

"You know last week when we saved you, we really thought that there was something much deeper in there.  I'm very disappointed, those dresses, they're like 4AM [outfits] and they're hoochie," Varvatos said.

"Well, there is a customer [for this] out there," Fierro replied.

"There is a customer out there," Varvatos conceded.

"Oh Oscar, there is a customer everywhere!" Fashion Star host Elle Macpherson interjected.

"I'm not saying I'm designing for hoochie, but there is a customer out there who wants to take sexy into another level. That is who I am -- if I have a little hoochie in me, I'm going to bring it out," Fierro responded.  "And if there are hoochies watching at home right now, [here's] a shoutout to them!"

Fierro subsequently failed to receive purchase offers from Christie, Schaefer or Willard -- putting him in danger of elimination.

"Oscar, I definitely recognize what you were going for -- you were going for partywear and sexy dresses," Christie said.

"I would love for you to focus on the fashion level on your pieces -- focus on the quality in terms of choosing fabrics, because that comes across in your designs and I think it takes away from what you're been showing on the runway.  Especially tonight."
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Four designers received purchase orders for their designs and therefore automatically advanced to Fashion Star's next round.

Willard, a buyer for Macy's, purchased a men's shirt offered by Nzimiro Oputa and a dress created by Lisa Vian Hunter.  Christie, a buyer for H&M, bought a pair of women's pants designed by Sarah Parrott and Schaefer purchased a dress Kara Laricks created for Saks Fifth Avenue.

The purchases left nine designers facing possible elimination: Barbara Bates, Ross Bennett, Ronnie Escalante, Fierro, Edmond Newton, Lizzie Parker, Nikki Poulos, Luciana Scarabello, and Orly Shani.

Christie, Schaefer and Willard then narrowed the elimination pool to Bennett, Fierro and Parker by naming them as the week's bottom three designers.

"Let's talk about Oscar," Willard said as the buyers deliberated their bottom threesome.

"Where do we start," Schaefer joked.

"I start with his attitude," Willard replied.

"He spoke so much about [how] there's a customer for what he's doing. [But] is that customer in our three stores?" Christie asked.

As Fashion Star's mentors, Simpson, Richie and Varvatos were then given the chance to save one designer and selected Bennett -- leading to the buyers' announcement that they had decided to eliminate Fierro.

"I'm sorry Oscar, but you're not our Fashion Star," Christie said.