Expedition Impossible eliminated its third three-person team during Thursday night's broadcast of the new ABC reality competition's third episode.

Grandpa's Warriors became the third team eliminated from the adventure race after they were the last team to arrive at the third stage's finish line in Morocco.

"There's sorrow in my heart because I wanted to continue. We entered this Expedition as a family. We came into Morocco with a golden opportunity to see the world and we'll cherish that for life. I just love life. I live it to the fullest, and boy did this help fulfill my remaining years," Dick Smith, a 69-year-old store owner from Normal, IL said following his team's ouster.

In addition to Dick, Grandpa's Warriors also included Steven Smith, a 49-year-old store owner from Savoy, IL and Sam Gibbs, a 23-year-old store manager from Thomasboro, IL.

Expedition Impossible's third episode began with host Dave Salmoni announcing Stage 3 was going to be comprised of the most grueling and exhausting series of challenges yet, as the stage would take two days to complete. They teams would be checked into a mandatory overnight camp following the first day.

Dave then told the competition's 11 remaining teams they would depart the second stage's finish line in waves based on the order they had crossed the second stage's finish line. The first part of the stage would require them to earn camels by traveling to an oasis, collecting feed, carrying the feed a mile and half to a camel outpost, and then using that feed to trade for camels.

Since the Gypsies -- which consisted of John Post, Taylor Filasky and Eric Bach -- finished the first stage in first place, they got a five-minute head start.

No Limits, The Football Players and Country Boys were then able to take off together and were followed by Team Kansas, Fab 3, and The Fishermen.

The next group to depart and the final wave consisted of The Cops, NY Firemen, California Girls, and Grandpa's Warriors.

Once the teams bartered for their camels, they were instructed to travel across the desert riding the animals for 3.8 miles to their next checkpoint, which was an olive mill.

Riding the untamed camels proved to be an extremely dangerous task when Lindsey Haymond, a 27-year-old teacher from Houston, TX and Team Kansas member, suffered a potentially life-threatening accident. She got thrown off a bucking camel and then nearly stampeded by both her own camel and another one of sisters was riding. 

Lindsey's Team Kansas partners Kelsey Fuller and Mackenzie Fuller watched in fear and were horrified, worrying their sister was severely injured. However, although shaken up, Lindsey got back on the camel and continued her Expedition.
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Once the teams arrived at the olive mill, they had to load six barrels onto their camels and head to the lakeshore where they would be required to build rafts and battle strong winds and water until they arrived at their next checkpoint at the oasis.

Then, after arriving at the oasis, the teams learned they must paddle approximately one mile to the northeast in order to reach their next checkpoint at Shamil Cove and then must bring their boats to shore and secure them.

Afterward, the teams were forced to hike across uneven terrain to the overnight camp where they would spend the night before continuing Stage 3. The Gypsies and Country Boys checked in first together and were followed by The Football Players, No Limits, The Fishermen, The Cops, Fab 3, NY Firemen, finally Grandpa's Warriors.

Team Kansas and California Girls were the last teams to check within moments of each other, but Dave assured them neither team was going to be eliminated because they had to finish the second part of the third stage.

The following day, The Gypsies and Country boys were allowed to leave the premise first since they had arrived at the overnight camp before any of the other teams. They were then followed by the next wave, which consisted of No Limits and The Football Players.

The Fisherman, The Cops, and Fab 3 were the next three teams to depart, and they were followed by NY Firemen, Grandpa's Warriors, Team Kansas, and California Girls soon after.

The teams were each given a scroll and learned they must head east for 3.5 miles along the river to a Castle Beach checkpoint where some ancient pillars stood. Once at Castle Beach, they had to determine that each team needed to wrap their scroll around a pillar which would reveal the secret code to their combination lock. There was only one correct way to wrap the scroll and only one correct code to open the lock.

All the teams struggled figuring out the combination to open their locks, which allowed everyone to catch up and continue the stage on an equal playing field. Once they finished the task, the teams were instructed to hike a mile to their next checkpoint at the footbridge.

The teams then learned the finish line was located deep inside the great Black Canyon, and to get there, they could either take a longer easier route along the river or a shorter yet harder course over the mountains to reach the canyon entrance. However, the teams were unaware that the longer route was a 4.1-mile journey, while the shorter route was 3.3 miles long.

Team Kansas and The Cops were the only two teams who selected the shorter route up the mountains, while the rest of the teams took off down the river.

The Gypsies hustled along the path and arrived at the finish line in first place -- their third first-place finish of the Expedition. Following The Gypsies, No Limits came in second place and Country Boys subsequently secured third place.

The Football Players then arrived in fourth place for the second time in a row, and Fab 3 finished in fifth also for their second consecutive time. NY Firemen then managed to arrive at the finish line in sixth place.

Following NY Firemen were California Girls, The Cops, Team Kansas, The Fishermen, and finally Grandpa's Warriors -- whose Expedition Impossible experience came to an end.