The Amazing Race eliminated "Father and Daughter" Scott Fowler and Blair Fowler during the latest broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 28th season.

The beauty YouTuber and her father became the fifth team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's seventh Pit Stop at the Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi, Georgia, in last place.

Scott and Blair's fate in the Race came down to a footrace against Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Monday, Scott and Blair talked about their time on the show. Below is the concluding portion. Click here to read the first half. 

Reality TV World: We saw Tyler and Korey pass you in their taxi when you were driving to the Pit Stop. Did you have a particularly slow cab driver or was that just bad luck?

Blair Fowler: I don't think that we had a slow cab driver. I think that they had a crazy fast cab driver. (Laughs)

Scott Fowler: Yeah, I would agree with that. Our cab driver, I mean, the experience with the cab drivers is always interesting. But our cab driver was kind of average in the way that he approached it. Clearly their cab driver was in a huge hurry.

Reality TV World: During Friday night's episode, we saw both Blair and Brodie Smith talking about how there was a connection between you and dating was a possibility once you returned home. What's the status of your relationship now, Blair? Did anything happen after the show with "Blodie?"

Blair Fowler: Yeah, I think that we got back from the show and it was immediately the holidays and we hadn't seen our families in so long, and so, we kind of wanted to take time to do that.

And we just realized that we were going to be better off as friends, that it wasn't going to be a romantic relationship. I mean, we obviously have the connection of running the Race together and all of those experiences and memories, but at the end of the day, I think we both just agreed that we should keep it as friends.

Reality TV World: Before the most recent leg, Brodie and Kurt Gibson were one of the teams to beat. They were a really big threat with Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl. They kept bouncing back between first and second place every leg. In the Race, would you have ever U-Turned Brodie and Kurt under any circumstances?

Blair Fowler: Um, Dad? That's a good question!
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Scott Fowler: Yeah.

Blair Fowler: Because I feel like Dad and I talked about this, and I think in the moment, I said, "No." And Dad said, "At the end of the day, it's a race." I don't know!

Scott Fowler: I can tell you because I remember the conversation exactly. Obviously Blair would've been conflicted on the issue, but Brodie and Kurt were clearly a threat in the Race, and I think we would've let the other teams probably deal with that threat if we could've.

But if we had gotten to a position where it was us or them, and the U-Turn was the only reasonable thing to use to do that, I think we would've U-Turned them!

Blair Fowler: I do too. And then I ended up asking -- after Dad and I had that conversation -- I think I asked Brodie and Kurt, and they were like, "Yeah, we'd U-Turn you guys!" Alright! Well!

Reality TV World: So you wouldn't have to feel too bad about it. (Laughs)

Scott Fowler: Exactly!

Blair Fowler: Right.

Reality TV World: Did you two feel like you had any alliances on the show? Maybe Brodie and Kurt were one of them?

Blair Fowler: Brodie and Kurt, I think, definitely tried to help us when, you know, they were at the same place and they were able to help us. But I kind of feel like not alliance, but friendship. I feel like I had something with all the teams. I know that sounds crazy, but like, I respect all of them so much.

And I think you've seen in the past episodes, if there's any way that Dad and I can help another team, we're definitely going to do it. And at the end of the day, that's just integrity.

Yes, we're running a race and stuff, but we're not going to sacrifice that. And that's something that Dad made sure to keep telling me, because I'm like, "Dad, come on! Let's go!" And he's like, "We're going to run this race right." And so, I really respected that.

Reality TV World: What were your expectations going into the Race? And based on how the experience you had compared or contrasted with those expectations, if you were to race again, how might you better prepare for next time? Maybe leave the hair styling products at home, Blair? (Laughs)

Scott Fowler: Yeah. I think if we had time and knew we were going to get to race again, we would've spent a lot more time on sort of preparing ourselves for the physical rigors of the Race.

You know, they say anybody can run that race, but the truth is, some people can run it a lot better than others. It's not just about making the right decisions -- although, those are critical and you can prepare for that -- but you do have to have a kind of mindset for the Race.

It's not a last-minute thing, so, I think knowing ahead of time enough and knowing that you were going to do it again and knowing what you already know about the Race, we could make ourselves much better competitors in a future race no question.

Reality TV World: After spending so much time together on the Race, what did you learn about each other? And were you even expecting to get along as well as you did? You worked so well as a team when the stress and pressure of the Race can often cause tension and disagreements amongst teammates.

Blair Fowler: Yeah, that wasn't really any sort of issue or question in my mind. I mean, I've always been so close to my parents and they've been absolutely amazing and supportive.

I kind of knew that no matter what happened, it was nice to know that even if it turned out to be my fault that makes us lose the Race or something, at the end of the day, Dad and I were just really excited to have this time to travel together and to have this experience that you literally cannot pay money for -- to run around the world like this and do these awesome tasks.

So I think going into it, we both knew that, yes it's a race, and yes we want to win, but we also wanted to enjoy the different moments and aspects of it. And I didn't really have any fears that we would bicker or anything like that. I didn't even think that was going to be an option.

Reality TV World: How were you cast on The Amazing Race? Did you actually apply or did producers contact you since, Blair, you have the whole Beauty YouTube presence.

Blair Fowler: Yeah, so it's actually interesting because I almost did the Race four years ago. It wasn't able to work out and then they came back probably about two years later and said, "Are you interested in it now?"

And just the way timing works, because you have to be completely cut off from everything, other things were kind of just going on in my life and my work at that point, so I wasn't able to take that time off.

And then they contacted me for this one and it just happened to be a great time, and it was a time that Dad was going to be able to take off. And I said from Day 1, "If I have any shot at winning this race, it's going to be next to my Dad." So it was definitely just right timing for this round.

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