The Amazing Race eliminated "Father and Daughter" Scott Fowler and Blair Fowler during Friday night's broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 28th season.

The beauty YouTuber and her father became the fifth team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's seventh Pit Stop at the Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi, Georgia, in last place.

Scott and Blair's fate in the Race came down to a footrace against Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Monday, Scott and Blair talked about their time on the show. Below is the first half. Check back with us soon for the concluding portion.

Reality TV World: So it appeared you got to the Pit Stop mat only a matter of seconds after Tyler and Korey. Is that accurate?

Blair Fowler: Yeah. It was definitely a very, very, very close footrace.

Reality TV World: What would you say was your downfall in the Georgia leg? Do you think it was a series of little things, like when your taxi driver had to stop for gas heading to the Roadblock for example, or one specific event?

Blair Fowler: I think it was definitely a series of lots of little things. Also, my knee had been hurt in a previous leg, and so, I think I was definitely pulling the team down a little bit.

Reality TV World: Was it a serious injury? Did you pull something?

Blair Fowler: No, I mean, I just think I needed to be able to kind of rest it and elevate it. But when you're in the Race, you don't really have time to do that. So, it was, you know, fine in the end, but it was definitely pretty painful.

Scott Fowler: Yep, and I would say we were a little extra careful with not rush, rush, rushing because of Blair's knee. But I mean, in that episode, there were so many opportunities to catch up and to fall behind that it's difficult to isolate one.

I think there was obviously a difference in the decision to stay at the candy vs. the wine task. Obviously that made a huge difference because we would've left with the dancers originally and almost certainly would've gotten to the dance hall significantly before everybody else if we had done that, because Tyler and Korey didn't leave until the dancers had come back.
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So, I don't know exactly what happened because we did that pretty fast once we got there, but there were obviously some delays that occurred because of that decision. So that may have been it.

The second one was obviously picking up [Tyler's] bag -- that was sort of a little bit of a catastrophe because we were so close at the end, that I believe if we had taken advantage -- even though they did pass us and they had a crazy fast cab driver and they clearly had their bags in the cab.

Ours were in the trunk. There were just a whole bunch of little things at the end. And when you're splitting hairs, it could've gone either way, any way, at any point in the Race.

Reality TV World: So Scott, did you leave your bag at the theater and took Tyler's by mistake, or were you running with three bags but didn't realize it because you were in such a rush?

Blair Fowler: Yeah!

Scott Fowler: Yeah, so, we were running with three bags.

Blair Fowler: I had two bags. I had both my bag and Dad's bag, and Dad thought that I had his bag. And so, he thought he was reaching down to grab mine -- because I guess mine and Tyler's were kind of similar -- and so, he thought he was carrying mine. And then it wasn't until, you know, in the crazy moment of everything, it wasn't until we got outside that I was like, "Wait, Dad, you have Tyler's bag!"

Reality TV World: We saw [Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina] initially switch Detour tasks from "String" to "Clean" because all of the stations were filled at the candy task. And you appeared to have the same issue. So how did you come to the conclusion of staying at the candy task? And looking back, do you regret that decision?

Blair Fowler: Originally, Dana and Matt were ahead of us in line for the next station, so at that point, we not only didn't have a station open for us, but also the first one to leave, Matt and Dana were going to get it. We were going to have to wait for another team to leave. And we didn't know how long it was going to take.

So, when Dad and I were trying to decide what to do, we said, "There's no chance we can stay here. It'll definitely be faster [to go to wine] even with the car ride to go." But then when Matt and Dana decided to go ahead and go to the "Clean" Detour, we knew that we were next up in line.

So, we did a little dance and were like, "We know where this is. We aren't going to get in a cab that's going to get us lost for 40 minutes. We can just stay here." And we decided to take that time to watch the other teams and figure out exactly what we needed to do.

And then when we actually sat down to do it, we did it very quickly and got it on our first try. So, I think having that disadvantage of having to kind of sit there and wait also let us perfect it before we even got to start.

Scott Fowler: Yeah, and just to add one thing to that, that may not be obvious from watching, is that the distance from the cab to the place where we were making the candy was not insignificant, and it was a walk or a run. And, of course, we decided to leave before Matt and Dana. We were actually on our way back to the cab but they ran past us at a pretty good [speed].

They're fast! They ran past us at a good pace, so it was clear we weren't going to get the advantage of that, and Blair's knee was bothering her, so we were obviously needing to take our time. So, complex decisions. But the decision to go back, now that we know it was something that could be done very quickly, that obviously is something that would've changed the outcome of the Race.

Reality TV World: I was going to ask why Scott ended up doing the dancing Roadblock task. Did Blair's knee have something to do with that?

Blair Fowler: Yeah!

Reality TV World: It just seemed like a little bit of a surprising choice -- even though not all women necessarily have rhythm or are good dancers.

Scott Fowler: Yeah, Blair probably would've been able to do the thing better, even with her bad knee. But the problem was, her knee really was an issue. It just hadn't gotten enough rest. So we actually debated about it. They didn't show it, but if we had thought Blair could've completed it without her knee giving out -- and I'll tell you, it was a strenuous dance. I'm not sure her knee would've made it through the dance.

Blair Fowler: Well, what's funny is, as Korey and Dad were going back and forth doing the dance multiple times, Tyler and I were kind of learning it just sitting there watching. And we thought it would be fun to kind of get up and do it with them.

I probably got through about four steps before I just sat down, and I was like, "Oh my gosh, if I had done this, we would've had to take a penalty." I would not have been able to complete it. And I can work through pain most of the time. This was, I mean, I was not going to be able to push my body to do it. It just wasn't going to allow it.

Reality TV World: Scott, what was the most difficult part of the dancing Roadblock for you? Was it the steps or was the pressure just getting to you since you and Korey were sort of battling to get out of there first?

Scott Fowler: Yeah, you know, I think I got it on the fourth time, and I honestly could've gotten it on the first. It was a little bit of a timing problem. I learned the steps, but when I got out there -- and I think somebody else had said this too -- how fast the music was, was an issue in the first try or so.

One of the problems with that dance is you really have to have the ability to sort of bend your foot backwards on the dance, and that was the most difficult thing for me. It wasn't necessarily learning the choreography or anything else.

And my instructor was very precise about what I needed to do. I'm sure all of them were, but you had to have your foot on a toe-up position when you brought your foot around to the back, and he emphasized that over and over again. He was just like, "If you can't do this, you can't do the dance." So I concentrated on that quite a bit, but it was difficult.

Blair Fowler: To give you some sort of an idea, Dad's two big toes are still black.

Reality TV World: Oh my gosh. (Laughs)

Blair Fowler: Yeah, we actually sent some pictures to the other Racers. And we were like, "Who else is experiencing this?!" And they're like, "Um, not us!" We were like, "Oh!" (Laughs)

Scott Fowler: Yeah, it was tough. The choreography, I mean, I wish I had been 20-years-old. But that was something I think I spent too much time trying to learn. If I had gone back earlier and just done the dance no matter how bad it was, I believe the learning curve would've been accelerated.

Blair Fowler: But either way, I still stand by 1,000 percent if we had to do it over 100 times, I would still have Dad go out and do that dance. Because when I tried on the side with Tyler, I just thought to myself, "Oh my gosh, this would 100% be it for us." At least with Dad doing it, we had a shot!

Scott Fowler: Yeah.

Check back with Reality TV World soon for the concluding portion of Scott and Blair's exclusive The Amazing Race interview.