The Amazing Race eliminated Lisa Thomson and Michelle Thomson during Friday night's premiere broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 25th season.

The "Realtor Sisters" from Miami, FL, became the first team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's first Pit Stop at a "robust fortress" called Fort Christian in St. Thomas in last place.

Lisa and Michelle lost by merely seconds to "Firefighters" Michael Ward and Scott Strazzullo and "Engaged Couple" Keith Tollefson and Whitney Duncan after all three teams rushed to the Pit Stop and received a four-hour time penalty for failing to finish the Roadblock task.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World, Lisa and Michelle talked about their The Amazing Race experience and early ouster from the show. Below is the concluding portion of their interview. Click here to read the first half. 

Reality TV World: You girls referenced a moment when apparently one of your arms got scraped when the firemen "pushed you" and tried to close their taxi's door on you. Were you exaggerating a little in the moment because you were pissed off or was that really what happened? And then did you think it was intentional on their part or accidental?

Michelle Thomson: Well, I mean, they're just not going to let us in the cab. I don't think anyone would intentionally try and hurt someone. It's just, you're going to be aggressive to try and get that cab because everyone knew if you're in the last cab, you're last to win the Race. And so, you're going to push and you're going to shove. They were a little bit bigger than us, so, it is what it is.

Reality TV World: Okay, so it sounds like you girls have no hard feelings about that then.

Lisa Thomson: No.

Michelle Thomson: No.

Lisa Thomson: They're great people.

Reality TV World: In your final words, you girls said you thought you were invincible. Can you talk about that a little bit? What made you so confident going into this Race? Did you feel like there was absolutely nothing that could get in your way or cause you to struggle in this Race?

Lisa Thomson: No, we just prepared a lot for this. We've watched every single show. We trained every single day. We're pretty well-traveled, we're good in the business world, so we thought that we would do well. And it didn't turn out that way. We wish everyone else great luck.
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Reality TV World: Did you two have any particular racing strategy going into this season, like when it came to Roadblocks for example? Did you talk about each other's strengths and weaknesses or what type of approach you'd like to take during the Race?

Lisa Thomson: We're both pretty strong females. I thought, you know, they put you in tasks where both of us don't really know what we're doing. We just thought that if we worked really hard and didn't give up and were nice to the other teams, we'd go far. And we were really nice to all the teams! It's just, [editors] like to show certain parts of everything.

We actually made friends with everyone right away. At the end of the thing, you'll see where we say, "We wish we didn't play so nice," because we were extremely nice to everyone. We were overly nice. We even let the wrestlers [Brooke Adams and Robbie E. Strauss] in our cab and we did a bunch of stuff. But that doesn't make TV! (Laughs) 

Reality TV World: You told host Phil Keoghan the firefighters' taxi move was "ruthless." Do you think you two raced ruthlessly? It doesn't sound like you did.

Lisa Thomson: No.

Michelle Thomson: We should've unfortunately -- we could've been a lot more tougher. We could've been a lot more -- in a different situation, but, I don't know.

Reality TV World: Would you call that a regret? Do you have any regrets from the way you raced that first leg or are you happy with your performance?

Lisa Thomson: I really don't know what else we could've done besides find the treasure.

Reality TV World: Which team or teams did you believe were your biggest competition?

Michelle Thomson: We thought the cyclists [Kym Perfetto and Alli Forsythe] were going to be our biggest competition because they're really strong females.

Reality TV World: Because there were so many teams, viewers didn't see much of you attempting to complete the task in which you had to climb a cliff and jump off. How did that go?

Michelle Thomson: We did really well. The thing is, when we did it, it started sprinkling a little bit, so I don't think they really got the footage of it.

Reality TV World: Is there anything else you girls would like to say that you'd like people to know?

Lisa Thomson: No, I mean, we just kind of got a lot of scrutiny for, I guess, how everything played out on TV. But we're actually really nice people. We're friends with the whole cast. We made friends with everyone.

We wish everyone luck and we're not sore losers. I think it kind of came off that way as we were. We were just more disappointed that we couldn't finish the Race. We had signed up to do the Race because all we do is work and we never have time to travel.

Michelle Thomson: We would've rathered lost not in a cab race, basically, you know what I mean?

Lisa Thomson: Yeah.

Michelle Thomson: Like I feel like we didn't get to do or show -- it was kind of like we weren't there long enough to do anything or really do much.  But, you know, you want to lose because you lose because you're wrong, not because of a slow cab.

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