The Amazing Race "Dating Couple" Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins are no longer just dating!

During an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Tuesday, Burnie and Ashley -- who got eliminated during Friday night's episode of The Amazing Race -- confirmed their engagement.

"We're engaged now!" Burnie revealed. "We got engaged about a month after we got back from the Race."

Burnie's decision to propose to Ashley was apparently premeditated and not spontaneous.

"Burnie didn't tell me this, but apparently when we were in Bali, he spent some of our leg money to buy a ring," Ashley said.

"I did! I bought a little string ring, but once we got back to the US, it didn't feel like that was appropriate," Burnie admitted before Ashley let out a big laugh.

He continued, "So I replaced it with a real ring. And yeah, we got engaged shortly after that."

Burnie and Ashley currently reside in Austin, TX. Burnie runs Rooster Teeth, one of the largest gaming sites with more than 8.2 million subscribers on YouTube, and Ashley serves as his co-host.

The couple became the eighth team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's eleventh Pit Stop at Shenzhen Library Terrace in Shenzhen, China, in last place.

"It is enormously disappointing to not make it to the final, the final leg of The Amazing Race," Burnie said following his team's ouster on the show. "We just had a classic bad day on the Race and you can't do that this late in the game."

Three teams are left heading into The Amazing Race's Season 28 finale on Friday, May 13.