Margie Adams and Luke Adams seemed likely to survive the Race's next leg when they left the fifth leg's Pit Stop of The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business all-stars edition in third place.

However, their Race took a fatal turn when the dropped into last place after Luke struggled to complete a tea-tasting Roadblock task -- resulting in the "Mother and Son" becoming the fourth team eliminated from the competition during Sunday night's broadcast of the show's sixth episode.

On Monday, Margie and Luke discussed their The Amazing Race experience with Reality TV World via email -- including how far behind they finished the sixth leg, whether Luke really considered quitting the tea tasting Roadblock task and how long it actually took him to complete it, what the status of their relationship is now with the team they clashed with during their prior The Amazing Race season, and which teams they had expected or felt deserved to be on the current season that weren't.

Reality TV World: About how long were you actually at the Roadblock?

Luke Adams: Four Hours! It wasn't fun at all.

Reality TV World: About how long after Herbert "Flight Time" Lang and Nathaniel "The Big Easy" Lofton had already left the Roadblock were you still there?

Luke Adams: It took me around an hour to find the right tea after they left.

Reality TV World: Luke, it didn't look like it from the episode, but do you feel your deafness played any role in your struggle to complete the Roadblock?

Luke Adams: No, it doesn't have anything to do with my deafness. It's more as for tasting and smelling but there's no way I could tell difference with teas. There were so many fruits in the room, so it made the smelling much harder. My taste buds actually turned sour after drinking so many teas.

Reality TV World: Luke, you said the Roadblock task was "so hard." Why did you feel it was so hard and why do you believe you got so emotional?

Luke Adams: I was drinking tea for four hours! I wasn't feeling well. My taste buds actually turned so bad from drinking so much. I couldn't take it anymore. I want to drink something else at that point! I felt so bad that my team fell to the last place. I didn't want to let my mom down again like I did with the surfboard task in our finale leg on our original season.

Reality TV World: Luke, do you think you still would have completed the Roadblock task if Margie hadn't urged you to finish, and looking back, are you glad you did so?

Luke Adams: It meant so much to have my mom's encouragement. It wasn't easy. I'm not the quitter, but for that tea challenge, I really, really wanted to quit. It was not fun drinking tea for four hours. I'm really glad that I didn't give up and finished the challenge.
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Reality TV World: Margie, can you elaborate on why you wanted Luke to finish the Roadblock task?

Margie Adams: I know Luke, and he would not have been able to live with himself if he did not complete a task. He may not win every task, but he never quit.

Reality TV World: Do you have any idea about how far behind Flight Time and Big Easy you got to the Pit Stop?

Luke Adams: I had no idea. Maybe 20 minutes behind? We finished the Ganesha task 15 minutes after they left.

Reality TV World: You looked pretty defeated as you walked up to the Pit Stop -- were you already aware you were in last place?

Luke Adams: I was pretty sure the Globetrotters already checked in unless they got lost!

Margie Adams: We knew we were in last place and we figured it was NOT a non-elimination leg since they had already had two, so we figured we were finished. It was a hard way to go out.

Reality TV World: When I talked to Cara Rosenthal and Jaime Edmondson last week, they said that all the other teams had been very upset that Kent Kaliber and Vyxsin Fiala only received a 30-minute time penalty for not waiting until the following day to take the designated Japan-to-China flight. Was that accurate? What were your opinions about the penalty and do you think it was appropriate?

Luke Adams: I adore Kent and Vyxsin. It was the rule that we had to take a required flight and they did not follow the rule so yeah, I think they should have faced a stiffer penalty. They were only 20 minutes ahead of us when we left the Pit Stop in Japan so they could have made it on the required flight. I just feel bad for Jaime and Cara for getting screwed over with Kent and Vyxsin's U-Turn. That is not fair for the girls.

Margie Adams: That is not a decision we get to make, rules are rules and they were very LUCKY!

Reality TV World: Margie, how difficult was the dinosaur Roadblock in the previous leg and about how long did that take you?

Margie Adams: [LaKisha Hoffman] was already at the roadblock when [Christina Hsu] and I got there. I couldn't tell you how long I was there, but I left about 20 minutes after [Jet McCoy] finished. He raced through that thing. It was really a hard challenge because each piece was so heavy and once you put a piece together, it was really difficult to get them apart.

Reality TV World: You two had clashed with Jennifer Hoffman and Kisha during your first time on the Race. Had you reconciled with Jen and Kisha prior to your Race return, and what's the status of your relationship now?

Luke Adams: We haven't spoke to each other after our first race end and we spoke to each other on the first day of this race so now we are friends! That's really nice. Sometimes we would tweet to each other on Twitter!

Reality TV World:  What was your reaction when you learned you would be racing against them again this season?

Luke Adams: I wasn't surprised to see them back. They were a good team and tough to beat on our original season.

Margie Adams: Jen, Kisha, Luke and I have all accepted our share of the responsibility for the "incident in China." We have all apologized and moved on. When you have been on the road for 20-plus days, sleep deprived, hungry all the time -- fuses are short -- that is all it was. We are all great friends now.

Reality TV World: Before you learned you would be flying to India, you had expressed disappointment that the Race might be staying in China for another leg. Why?

Luke Adams: Are you kidding me? We had three legs in China on our original season! Two legs in China are pretty good for me, but now I actually wish we stayed in China instead of flying out to India.

Reality TV World: Some of this season's clues actually seem to be "clues" that need to be solved and not just directions about what to do next like a lot of the show's recent seasons seem to have been. In addition, some of the Roadblocks and Detours seem to be harder than usual. Did you feel that way while you were out there and did that surprise you?

Luke Adams: I actually like the "clues!" It's way more challenging and a lot of placement shuffles around!! It didn't surprise me that the challenges were much harder. I kind of expected it.

Margie Adams: When asked to be on the show we were told that second chances are not free, so we figured it was going to be harder the second time around. So, we were not that surprised. What surprised us was the length of the challenges. The super legs were killer.

Reality TV World: Almost half of this season's cast were fourteenth-season teams -- did that surprise you?

Luke Adams: Yes! Actually I was excited about it. It was like the little mini family reunion.

Margie Adams: No, we had a fantastic group of racers!

Reality TV World: Out of the 10 other teams that were there, were there any that you were surprised to see?

Luke Adams: The only team that I was surprised to see was [Justin Kanew] and [Zev Glassenberg]. They didn't go that far in their season. There were few teams that lost passports!

Reality TV World: All four of this season's first four eliminated teams have been fourteenth-season teams. Do you have any thoughts on that?

Luke Adams: Bad luck for sure! It wasn't planned that way! Actually I would love to have five season 14 teams to be in the Final Five! Apparently, it didn't work out so well!

Reality TV World: Were there any teams that you have been expecting to see on this season or felt deserved to be there that weren't?

Luke Adams: To be honest, I was really, really surprised to NOT see [Brook Roberts] and [Claire Champlin] back! I thought it would be fun to race with them! I thought [Sam and Dan McMillen], [Carol Rosenfeld] and [Brandy Snow], and [Ken and Tina Greene] deserved the second chance for sure. They were great teams.

Margie Adams: I was hoping that [Steve and Linda Cole] would be asked back. They would have been fun to race with again.
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