Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance's merged Orkun tribe snuffed Joe Anglim's torch during Season 31's Wednesday night episode on CBS.

Joe, who previously competed on Survivor: Worlds Apart, became the twelfth castaway voted out of the game and the season's sixth jury member. Joe was ousted via a 6-1-1 vote against Abi-Maria Gomes and Tasha Fox at Tribal Council on Night 32 of the game.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World, Joe talked about his Survivor experience. Below is the first half. Check back with us soon for the concluding portion.

Reality TV World: You knew there was a great chance you were going home right after you lost immunity, but after talking with Jeremy Collins and Spencer Bledsoe and everything, what did you walk into Tribal Council thinking was going to happen?

Joe Anglim: I was pretty on the fence going into Tribal. When I left camp, the body language of everyone kind of changed. I had one confessional right before we had to leave for Tribal, and when I left, everything was kind of good.

You know, I talked to Spencer and Jeremy and Tasha, and was just like, "Look, I know I've been in the middle and I wasn't with you guys at the last vote, but look, we have to come together. One of the girls has to go. It's got to be Abi."

And then on the flipside, I'm going to the girls and I'm going to [Keith Nale], "Hey, we got to get Tash." So, I was still playing both sides, but when I came back from my confessional, the dynamic had changed and everyone's body language was different. And there was just really no time to mend any fences, so I kind of just knew. I could feel it.

I just hoped that I could pitch my case one more time, you know, to Jeremy and Tash and [Kimmi Kappenberg]. Keith I kind of left out of the vote unfortunately, but I was just out of it mentally. I was just kind of out of it after that challenge, and being sick just took so much out of me that the rest of the night was kind of a blur to be perfectly honest -- and that day. Very blurry. Yeah, it was rough. Rough day.

Reality TV World: Yeah, I was going to ask you about Keith's vote. Why Tasha? That was random.

Joe Anglim: Yeah, so me and Keith, we were tight in the game. We were from the beginning. So when I was with Keith and the girls, the consensus was, "Hey, let's vote Tash." And I was pretty much pitching to the girls -- and by the girls I mean Abi, Wentworth and Kimmi -- that Tash was a big physical threat and I needed them to target a girl.

So, amongst myself, Keith, Kelley, Abi and Kimmi, I was targeting Tash. So Tash was the last name that Keith had heard before we left for Tribal. But the girls obviously weren't going to tell Keith that it was me because they knew Keith would probably come and tell me that they were targeting me.

So Keith was left out of the Joe vote. And I never had a chance to talk to Keith before the vote [about voting Abi]. I believed -- (laughs) well, it's a moot point, but the game was just, for me, I was out of it.
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Reality TV World: Did you know for sure an all-female alliance was forming or did Tasha only inform Spencer and Jeremy of that?

Joe Anglim: I didn't know 100% that it was forming. I just kind of gathered that from the family visit just with my dad. Me and him had a brief conversation and he essentially said, "Hey, just watch out for a girls' alliance." And it just kind of restimulated that thought in my head.

You think about every avenue, opportunity that someone might have. And obviously a girls' alliance is -- as Spencer puts it -- it's a permutation. You have to take that into account. So, I'm thinking, "Okay, what's the next best move to keep myself in the game without letting one group or faction having too much power."

So Tash, she was a female and close to Jeremy. She had connections in the game with Spencer in the past and she just had a lot of variables. So I made her the target, but it was just for the girls' side of it. I don't know, it was tricky! A tricky scenario.

Reality TV World: When thinking about it from the guys' perspective, do you think Spencer and Jeremy made the smart decision in taking you out when they did or do you think it was ultimately a mistake? Because now the idea of a female alliance could really turn into something.

Joe Anglim: That's the beauty of this season, is that with every vote, you almost kind of have a clean slate. But you really have to take into consideration the ripple effect, if you will, of every decision. So, you think, okay, if I go, well now they're down in numbers girls vs. guys.

But flip that, and if I'm in now, maybe I could go on a streak and win [challenges]. So it's kind of just picking the lesser of two evils. You have to take the risk. I think the guys made a good decision based on the fact I was weak, I was vulnerable, I was sick -- so why not take me out?! Because if I heel and I do go on a run three or four, that's it. So the potential was definitely there.

So it's, "Who do they think they could beat? Abi or me?" And when I say beat, I mean "take out," because that's ultimately when you beat somebody, when they're on the block. So, yeah, I think they made a good decision in the moment of the information they had available to them.

Reality TV World: When you were still in the game, did you intend to basically go all the way to the end with guys? What did you envision being your ideal Final 3?

Joe Anglim: At the start of the game, my ideal Final 3 was [Andrew Savage], Jeremy and myself. I really was fully committed to those two guys, and then just as this game developed, I developed a really close relationship with Keith and even Tash.

I mean, I made a pact with Tash on Day 2 that I was with her until the end. So, it was just keeping strong athletic-challenge threats if you will, or even strategic threats. I just needed people that I thought were going to be threats near the end.

So, the threats protect the threats, and if everyone can have each other's back and everyone's relaying information -- which I essentially was -- then we were good. But at some point, everyone is going to turn on each other. It's just a matter of who gets to you first at that point. I had a decent chance.

Check back with Reality TV World soon for the concluding portion of Joe Anglim's exclusive Survivor interview.