Jane Bright thought she was guaranteed a spot in Survivor: Nicaragua's final foursome due to four-person alliance with fellow castaways Chase Rice, Holly Hoffman and Sash Lenahan.

However unbeknownst to Jane, Chase, Holly and Sash decided she was likely to win Survivor: Nicaragua if she managed to advance to the final threesome from which the competition's jury members would vote for the game's winner -- resulting in them voting her out during Wednesday night's Survivor broadcast.

On Thursday, Jane talked to Reality TV World about her Survivor: Nicaragua experience.

Reality TV World:  Were you surprised or just upset about Holly and Chase's decision to vote you off? It seemed that everyone had been pretty open about their belief that you'd win if you made it to the final three, so it seemed strange that you would be surprised they wouldn't want to take you to the end and throw away their own shot.

Jane Bright: Not only was it a surprise, it was a big hurt. It was a big stab in the chest, okay?

Reality TV World:  Okay.

Jane Bright: The thing is, the four of us had discussed it -- us getting down to the final four -- and then somebody was going to have to go. And I knew it would probably be me unless I won the immunity necklace. I kind of figured that out, especially after the damage [Marty Piombo] did on his little speech at [Tribal Council] that one night.

But, the thing is, we had sat around and connived down on the beach what the pecking order is going to be and everybody was up with voting [Dan Lembo] out the next night, or that particular night from the time before. Didn't work out like that, and it really -- it was hard to take.

Reality TV World:  So your understanding was at the final four, it was basically going to become a free-for-all?

Jane Bright: The final four, yeah, it was pretty much going to be a free-for-all if you didn't win the immunity necklace.

Reality TV World:  And they had convinced you that they were comfortable keeping you around until then?

Jane Bright: It was going to go down. Yup.
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Reality TV World:  How strong was your alliance with Sash? Because based on what was shown during the show, it seemed like he was just an add-on to your group after [NaOnka Mixon] and [Kelly "Purple Kelly" Shinn] quit.

Jane Bright: Well, that's what Chase and I had discussed. I'm like you know -- me and Holly had the original alliance, then Chase asked me to align with him when Chase was in alliance with Holly -- and then when [Brenda Lowe] started talking about busting up Chase, Holly and Jane's alliance, that's when we were like, "Okay we're just going to take her out."

And we convinced Chase to go with us because she was the one who was throwing his name around. We weren't throwing his name around, she was. And then [Sash Lenahan] decided to come on over with us because he saw his alliance falling apart, especially when NaOnka and Purple Kelly quit. He didn't have anybody to go with and that's what surprised me -- why they would take him over me knowing that I've been with them the whole time.

Reality TV World:  It seemed like a surprise that the three of you wanted him to begin with, because he seemed like a pretty dangerous and conniving choice to bring on.

Jane Bright: (Sighs) I told Chase and Holly that I never ever trusted Sash even when I was over at the La Flor tribe, but I had to align with him over there to stay away from Marty. And I was in a great alliance with them over there. And I would never have gone against Brenda.

I would have taken Brenda with me anywhere, okay, because I really like Brenda and I thought she was playing a great game, until she's the one that brought up, "We gotta get rid of Jane, Chase and Holly." I'm not going, "Okay Brenda, we gotta get rid of Purple and Sash and you." I never went out and said -- I never said anything like that.

Reality TV World:  So when did you first begin to suspect that you were going to be the target? And how big a role was the fact that Chase left you behind at that Reward Challenge play in that discovery?

Jane Bright: No, he and I had already discussed if he won, he probably -- he knew he was going to take Sash because we needed Sash's vote -- okay, and Sash hadn't been anywhere. And he was going to take [Jud "Fabio" Birza], not Holly. Okay, because Fabio hadn't seen his momma in months, and I even told [my daughter] Ashley, I said, "It'll be okay, I'm not really upset that he didn't take me."

I said, "But it worries me that he took Holly and he didn't take Fabio, because Fabio was over here crying," okay. And, when they got back, Chase immediately said, "Jane we still okay? We still fine?" And I said, "Hey, yeah."

And he said, "I heard you was crying today." And I said, "Well I found out my 16 1/2-year-old dog passed away. That pretty much was hard to take."

Reality TV World:  When you were talking to the three of them, it seemed like Chase was trying to avoid any responsibility for the fact that you were being sent home and tried to present it like Holly and Sash were the ones controlling the entire thing. Did that come across to you as well when you were out there -- and if so, did you think he was being sincere about that?

Jane Bright: I felt that Chase was a true North-Carolina man boy, you know what I'm saying? He was from the South and he was good to his word. He would stick by his word with me. Because he made a pact with me way before he made one with Sash.

Reality TV World:  So did you ever approach him about that afterward? About the idea of you two maybe turning on Sash and Holly and teaming up with Fabio and Dan or something?

Jane Bright: No, I never brought up teaming up with anybody. Why would I mess up something that was going good.

Reality TV World:  Well I mean after it went south -- after they flat-out told you that you were going home, and Chase basically blamed it on Holly and Sash. Did you two speak after that about the possibility of trying to change that?

Jane Bright: You gotta repeat that question again because I didn't hear you.

Reality TV World:  I'm sorry. After they told you you were going home, did you speak with Chase again about the possibility of where if he really didn't want you to go home, you [two] could maybe do something with Fabio and Dan so that you didn't go home?

Jane Bright: I asked him, "Why are you doing this? We had a good thing going. We had four people going until the end, and we knew exactly who they were." And I told him, I said, "You know, of all the people, I don't trust Sash."

I said, "He keeps referring to me as his mom and I said, "People that do that, I just really don't trust them, because it means they're probably just lying!"

And he was like, "Well, if I keep you, they're going to end up voting me out" and I'm like, "You got an idol! You don't have anything to worry about!"

[And he said,] "But this is the last time I get to only play it, and they'll probably vote me out tomorrow."

And I'm like, "I don't think so, Chase. I just don't think that's the way it's gonna go down."

Reality TV World:  Last night's Tribal Council made it look like Jeff had to point out to Fabio, Dan and yourself that you guys weren't really completely powerless and still could force a 3-3 tie if you wanted to. Was that just the editing or had you guys really not realized or discussed that possibility yourselves before then?

Jane Bright: Well I had discussed it with him. Because they wanted me -- well it wasn't like they wanted me -- I never trusted, I never trusted Danny okay? Danny was too tight with Marty, okay? And Marty had already told Dan, "Let's make it all males going to the finals." And if there's any way he can do it, do it.

And Fabio stuck to Dan like glue. So, I had already -- and prior to getting voted off, prior to putting the fire out, Holly had left and Sash had left and Chase had left, so I was sitting with those two -- and I said, "I'm going to tell you exactly what's gonna happen. Fabio, if you do not win immunity, you or Dan will be going next."

I said, "I'm telling you, they're gaggling up on ya'll, and I don't care what they have told you. They are not taking ya'll to the final three. End of story."

Reality TV World:  So, you made the decision that you didn't want to ally with them? Am I understanding that right?

Jane Bright: No, no, they wouldn't align with me.

Reality TV World:  Okay, did they tell you why that was?

Jane Bright: No, they never would tell me why.

Reality TV World:  Do you have any opinions yourself?  Do you think they just felt they couldn't beat you in the final three [either], so why bother?

Jane Bright: Well, I kept telling them, there's more young people over there. You probably don't want to put one of the original La Flor members up for a million dollars because there were more La Flor people that's going to be on the jury. And it made sense!

Reality TV World:  It was a little unclear what would have actually happened if you guys had forced a 3-3 tie between Holly and yourself. Was it a [tiebreaking] scenario where [just Holly and yourself] would have competed in a fire-starting challenge or something like that, or was it something where Dan and Fabio could also have suddenly been in danger of going home?

Jane Bright: You know, I have no idea what they would have done. That was never discussed. If there had been a fire-building thing, I probably would have done well on it, but I have no idea what would have happened if a tie would have been forced.

Reality TV World: So you had to decide whether to try and campaign for a tie without knowing what would happen [if there was a 3-3 tie]?

Jane Bright: Right, [not] knowing what was gonna happen. And the reason why I wrote Sash's name down, is to point out what he did on the beach prior to the night before I had to get sent home. And I told Chase about it, but I can't discuss what it is and I don't wanna discuss what it was.

But I'm like, "You know what? I'm still writing his name down and I know he's got an Idol." If we had done a 3-3 tie, I think I would have written Holly's name down. But when Dan and Fabio would not jump over and come with me, I'm like screw it, "This is the only way I can point somebody out for being a rat."

Reality TV World:  So, once you were voted out of the game, who did you begin thinking was likely to end up winning it?

Jane Bright: To me, whoever wins immunity, was going to advance further in the game. When you don't have that necklace around your neck, you could be the one going home. So, it was kind of like, see I don't even know what the challenges are, so it's hard to say who I thought would win.

Reality TV World:  Well, I just meant who did you feel was in the best place, [non-challenge wise] to win.

Jane Bright: Alliance-wise, the three people that voted me out are sitting in the driver's seat. And that's why Jeff's telling them that. I told them that; I told them that beforehand. Did it make a difference? No, it didn't make a difference.

Reality TV World:  How were you cast on Survivor? How did you end up on the show?

Jane Bright:  I sent in a video and filled out my application.

Reality TV World:  Was that just one time?

Jane Bright:  No, I applied about 10 times, and I've applied over the 10 years, numerous times.

Reality TV World:  And then you finally got a call this time around?

Jane Bright:  And then they called and then they flew me out there!