Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner will be starring in Married at First Sight: Jamie and Doug Plus One, which premieres Tuesday, December 19 at 8PM ET/PT.

Married at First Sight: Jamie and Doug Plus One will document the emotional moments for Jamie and Doug leading up to and capturing the birth of daughter Henley Grace, who was born in late August 2017 and has the distinction of being the first-ever Married at First Sight baby.

Following Henley's arrival, Jamie and Doug will be shown navigating their "new normal," experiencing all the ups and downs of parenthood.

Three years ago, Jamie and Doug met for the very first time at the altar when they exchanged vows on Season 1 of Married at First Sight. Jamie got married two years after competing for Ben Flajnik's heart on The Bachelor's sixteenth season in 2012.

Jamie and Doug proceeded to star on the spinoff Married at First Sight: The First Year from 2015-2016. Before getting pregnant with her baby girl, Jamie sadly miscarried the couple's first child, a son whom they named Johnathan.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World, Jamie talks about her life as a new mom and what viewers can expect to see in their new show, Married at First Sight: Jamie and Doug Plus One. (Doug was unable to participate due to work obligations). Below is a portion of what Jamie had to say.

Reality TV World: When did Jamie and Doug Plus One start filming -- and are you done, or are you still taping?

Jamie Otis: Yeah, so, we actually started filming during, like, at the very end of my pregnancy. I really wanted to capture the birth of my daughter, because, being a delivery room nurse, I knew that it was going to go fast. And then you don't really remember an awful lot.

So I was really excited that we were able to film that and capture that, and I cannot wait to see that! And yeah, we're still filming now. We filmed straight through the very first days with my daughter home with us, and now, we're filming just adjusting to family life.


Reality TV World: I was going to ask you if you kicked cameras out of the delivery room, but it sounds like you were comfortable with them filming a certain amount?

Jamie Otis: Oh my God, I wanted to film. I know that makes me probably different than most. Most people don't want the camera in and out in that situation, but just because I work in that field and all the blood, guts and gore, it doesn't bother me at all.

I really wanted to -- if I had my way, I would've had my husband with a camera, like, there, so I could see her coming out. But, you know, that wasn't going to work out. (Laughs)
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And of course I'm not going to have anyone else there, but yeah, we had a couple of camera people at the head of the bed so they could capture the very first time that Henley and I laid eyes on each other. I cannot wait to just relive that whole moment.

Reality TV World: Did you have any family or close friends in the delivery room with you, other than Doug?

Jamie Otis: Yeah, so, my in-laws were there, and it was late. It was really late, and they were there. So Doug and I talked about if we would let his mom come in, so yeah, his mom came in, and she was there when Henley was born too.

Reality TV World: Tell me a little bit about what the show is going to cover. What are some highlights from beginning to end? What can viewers look forward to seeing?

Jamie Otis: You know, I think something we've been really open about -- and I found that not only has it been like therapy for me, but it's been helpful for other people -- is we lost our first baby in our second trimester, and that's something that no woman ever expects to go through and you can't prepare for and you don't know how to handle afterwards.

And I think a large part of that problem is because no one ever talks about it. If something like that happens, it's really earth-shattering, and you just don't know how to handle it. And I had no idea. So I ended up blogging and realized that so many other people have gone through this and felt the same exact way!

I mean, I felt like I was living in a hole. I was so depressed, and I just felt like life could never really go on again. And it wasn't until I kind of opened up myself, I guess, in just writing -- I just needed an outlet -- because I felt like I had no one to talk to, really, and that's when I realized there are just so many women who have gone through the same thing and who are dying for advice and guidance.

And so, I decided I was going to be more open about it in hopes of trying to help other women who have gone through or unfortunately will go through this kind of loss. I didn't really shy away from the topic. It's very hard, because when I got pregnant again, of course I was so happy, but I was also still mourning the loss of my first baby.

And I don't think I realized it at the time because there's just so much happening, but I think I went through phases of still mourning the loss of my first baby but still being, obviously, very excited for my daughter.

I haven't seen the show myself, but we were open to sharing what it was like for us to have to go through something like that, and I hope that it is helpful for other women. I don't know what's going to be aired and what's not, but nothing is more isolating than losing a baby.

And I just hope it can help someone if they're going through a hard time or will go through one in the future. Because I wish I had someone, or some sort of book or something, to help me when I was going through that hard time myself.

Reality TV World: It sounds like the show is going to be very real -- a lot of emotional highs and lows.

Jamie Otis: Oh my gosh, yeah. Like I said, I have no idea what they're airing, but we were very, I mean, just honest and real about who we are and what we're going through.

Reality TV World: How has your relationship with Doug changed since welcoming Henley into the picture in August? Is it better than ever, or are you finding it difficult to spend time alone together and satisfy each other's needs and wants?

Jamie Otis: Okay, yes, well, in terms of satisfying needs and wants, my needs are like, "Will you get me the breast pump? Because I need to pump." (Laughs)

Reality TV World: And probably, "Let me take a nap." (Laughs)

Jamie Otis: Yeah, exactly! "Will you go change her diaper? Will you get up with her?" But Doug's needs, on the other hand, you know, he's a guy. And guys have needs, I don't know. I'm not as sexual as he is. He really finds love and intimacy and a connection through sex.

I think everyone, you know, gets it in different ways. For me, it's, "Let's just spoon in bed and go to sleep early." (Laughs) So yeah, we're working on that, but I've got to tell you that our relationship -- my husband, he's always been just a fun-loving and goofy dude.

And he still is, but he just, like, matured overnight, like really. And he's a phenomenal father, and I always knew he was going to be a phenomenal father. I've seen him with my nieces and nephews and he is so attentive and so fun to be with. He'll get right on the floor and play with them, I mean, literally for hours.

He doesn't get bored of it. But he has become such a better husband, I mean, I can't even tell you how amazing he is. We're exclusively breastfeeding, so obviously he really can't do an awful lot with that, but he'll offer [to do things].

He's just so attentive to me, and he's just so caring. And yeah, I think we've definitely grown a lot closer, even though sex has been off the table. (Laughs) We've grown a lot closer since having her.

Reality TV World: A lot of women say they fall deeper in love with their husbands once they become fathers, mainly just from watching the men interact with their children. So it sounds like that's true for you.

Jamie Otis: Oh my God. It really is. I really feel like, yeah, I almost feel like I never even really loved him. I mean, I love him so much and I'm so appreciative of everything that he does. It's like this whole new love, and it's funny because I say that and then in months I'll be like, "I loved him then, but I love him even more now!"

It's the same thing with having a baby too. It's like you never know how much you love them and then that love keeps growing and growing and growing. And you're like, "I didn't love you nearly as much as I love you now." (Laughs) It's funny how that happens.

Reality TV World: So of course having a baby comes with its challenges. In terms of the show, is there going to be some drama between yourself and Doug? Did you two have your fair share of arguments on-camera?

Jamie Otis: Well, like I said, it's very real, and you can't really escape the cameras when you're having an argument. I'm trying to think -- yeah we definitely had [our share], especially when I was pregnant, because I was so particular about things, and I don't know why. I was just hormonal, I think.

But there's one argument -- I don't know if it's going to air or not -- but Doug and I come from very different backgrounds, and his parents do an awful lot for us. I mean, they do so much for us. And sometimes I feel like Doug just doesn't really appreciate it.

He's like, "Yes I do, yes I do!" But I'm like, "Well then, show them that! Show them how much [you care]." When I say they do a lot for us, I mean, we were living with them rent-free for months when we found ourselves in a financial slump, and I was pregnant, like right before we had Henley.

And they'll do things like babysit for us all the time, and they never ask for a dime in payment. I mean, they literally break their backs for us, for all of their kids really. But they just do so much for us, and sometimes I feel like we don't do enough to say thank you.


And so I told Doug that and he was like, "We don't have to! Why do you think that?" I don't know, so we got into an argument over that. He thinks -- he found it very offensive that I told him I don't think that appreciated his parents enough. (Laughs)

I mean, I guess that is very offensive, but I really don't think he appreciates his parents enough. (Laughs) Anyway, so that was something, and I'm trying to think what else. Well, of course, a lot of things we get in arguments about are, like, he didn't have a job and, you know, that was really stressful because obviously we're having a baby.

I don't know how much of that is going to be in the show, because that was the beginning of the show. That was way back, because he has a job now. But yeah, we definitely had our moments. We're not perfect, that's for sure.

Be sure to check back with Reality TV World on Monday for more from our exclusive interview with Jamie. Married at First Sight: Jamie and Doug Plus One will premiere Tuesday, December 19 at 8PM ET/PT on Lifetime.

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