Brittany Markert still feels it wasn't her time to be ousted from America's Next Top Model.

However that's what happened to the 21-year-old 5'5" math student from Livermore, CA who currently resides in Santa Clara, CA, as she became the ninth finalist eliminated from America's Next Top Model's thirteenth season during Wednesday night's broadcast of The CW reality series.

On Thursday, Brittany talked to Reality TV World about how she was surprised by her elimination; why a creative risk she took during a photo shoot failed to deliver what Top Model creator and lead judge Tyra Banks was looking for; how she almost previously lied about her height to land on the show; and whether or not she plans to continue to pursue modeling.

Reality TV World: Were you surprised to be eliminated during Wednesday night's panel?

Brittany: I was shocked when it happened, because going into Hawaii I felt really confident. I had been doing really well, been called in the Top 3 for the last several weeks. Then when I saw my photo, I loved it. Still, looking back, it's my favorite photo from the entire season.

So I was standing up there waiting for my name to be called, it was shocking not to be called in the Top 3 -- at least that's what I thought was going to happen. So as soon I was in the bottom two, it was completely nerve-racking. When she called [Erin Wagner's] name, my whole heart just sunk. It was a painful experience.

Reality TV World: Have you come to terms with the reason for your elimination or is still a mystery to you?

Brittany: Now watching it on TV, they portray it a certain way. I think at the time and weeks after it was done, I just felt like it wasn't my time to leave yet -- I truly thought I would have made it into the Top 3. I'm really hard on myself, so it was really hard not to make it that far. For a while, I was just still really confused and -- now looking back on it -- I understand the critiques. But I still don't think it was my time to be eliminated.

Reality TV World: Tyra criticized your photo shoot poses for being "formulaic." Is that a problem you had been aware of before she pointed it out?

Brittany: I feel like I had worked with her in the scarf shoot, which I won that. During that whole footage I was moving around, doing a whole bunch of different poses, giving her a lot -- and I think that's why I ended up winning that challenge. Every photo shoot you do is completely different. There's different creatives. For this creative, I decided to be very stoic and poised and elegant.

To me, it wasn't about creating these fierce and modern poses -- it was more about portraying a strong and elegant personality. I achieved that in my photo -- and [Top Model photo director Jay Manuel] liked it -- but it wasn't what Tyra wanted. She said it was too safe and catalogue. But from my perspective, it was just a creative risk I took. It doesn't mean I can't do any other kid of posing, it just happened to be what I did to portray Native American/East Indian.

Reality TV World: You mentioned several times during last night's episode that you thought Erin's immaturity would hurt her in the competition. Do you think the judges made a mistake in keeping somebody who in your opinion is so immature?

Brittany: Before anything, this is a reality TV show. There needs to be some drama and some shocking events. Erin is extremely beautiful and she has a great high-fashion look, so I understand her staying in the competition.  I think other people should have left, but modeling is a harsh world and when you get into the real world you have to constantly thrown into professional situations where you have to talk to people all the time and represent yourself and be on the go.

So I think that comment was directed at that -- that she needs does need to look out for that. But it was exaggerated in that episode and the two of us really did get along, which is why she took me to go on the helicopter ride with her.
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Reality TV World: Last night was your first and only time in the bottom two while it was Erin's second in a row. Do you think that should have played a role in the judges' decision?

Brittany: I think she definitely was very lucky because the prior week, she was in the bottom two and it was because of her complaining and it was because of her personality. So she was given a second chance.

Then she was in the bottom two for the same exact reason, so I did feel it was a little bit unfair because I hadn't been criticized for giving the same pose or not having enough movement in the photo shoot before. Because in the ninja photo shoot and the scarf photo shoot and the horse one, I moved around tons and it just seemed a little bit unfair that she was given two chances for the same reason to be in the bottom two.

Reality TV World: How were you cast for America's Next Top Model?  Was it your first time applying for the show?

Brittany: It was my first time and it's funny because since I was 16 and I started watching the show, there were three years I specifically remember printing out the application and wanting to audition but knowing I was too short. So I would just stare at it. There were three times where I would start filling it out and then I just stopped because I was going to lie about my height and it just was senseless.

So this year I actually was found off the Internet because I've had this website up for four years and a casting associate found it and emailed me. I did not believe that they were actually with the show, but in a nutshell I ended up having an interview with the casting associate and she said that it would be a good idea if I came to the open call in San Francisco. So I got to avoid all the lines and I came really early in the morning and made it through from that round. Then the rest is kind of history.

Reality TV World: Do you feel you were portrayed accurately on the show?

Brittany: It's definitely hard to watch the show and see how your edited and what's shown and what's not shown. I think looking back on it, they had to portray me in a certain way because I was going to get eliminated. I wasn't overly bitchy or anything, but the last three weeks before I got eliminated they just didn't give me airtime. That was kind of the lead in to me being eliminated. So I think that my edit was very neutral and it didn't really touch on the different spontaneous and silly sides of my personality. But it just kind of shows the neutral hanging out, "There's Brittany."

Reality TV World: Of the remaining girls, who do you want to see win Top Model? Who do you not want to see win?

Brittany: There's not anyone I wouldn't want to see win. But I do photography as well, so I see certain girls and I'm like, "Ooh, you look like a model. I want to shoot you." When I see Erin and [Nicole Fox], I feel that way. They just have really great high-fashion looks. I think they could go far in the modeling world.

But also [Laura Kirkpatrick] has a great commercial look. She's so bubbly and friendly. I think she also could represent what America's Next Top Model is, which also includes CoverGirl and doing more commercial ads. So I think those are my Top 3.

Reality TV World: What's next for you? Are you going to pursue a career in modeling?

Brittany: I have one class left to get my math degree, which I'm going to do in the spring. But right now I am just giving my heart to modeling. I'm going to shoot and go to agencies and try to get work because it's what I love doing. I've got to strike while the iron's hot and I'm going to give everything to modeling and see if it works out.