Jason Wahler can't put an alcohol-fueled September 2006 altercation behind him.

The former Laguna Beach star has been slapped by another lawsuit, this one by tow-truck driver Jose Alarcon, E! News reported Wednesday.  The incident has already produced two lawsuits against Wahler, who has lost both.

In this lawsuit, Alarcon alleges Wahler "committed acts of violence, threats of violence, and made racial epitaphs" towards him during the altercation.  In addition, Alarcon claims Wahler's alleged rant prevented him from doing his job and were simply done "with malice" purely "on account... of race," according to E! News.

The September 2006 incident began when Wahler was traveling in a car with friends when their vehicle was blocked by a tow truck that was being operated by Alarcon and another tow-truck driver.

Rather than waiting for the pair to finish moving an illegally parked vehicle and get their tow truck out of the way, Wahler reportedly got out of his car and punched the tow-truck driver as well as a traffic officer that was also onsite.  Prosecutors also subsequently claimed Wahler used racial slurs against two of the African-American men.

In addition, Wahler's blood alcohol level was allegedly .22% at the time of the altercation.

Wahler subsequently pled no contest to one count of battery and was sentenced to two months in jail, however the prison stint was delayed so he could instead go to rehab -- which he did and completed in June 2007.

However the saga didn't end there.

In August 2007 Jonathan Wallace -- the Los Angeles Department of Transportation traffic officer involved in the incident -- filed an assault, battery and violation of civil rights lawsuit against Wahler stemming from the incident.  The case was settled last November and Wahler was ordered to pay undisclosed damages to Wallace.

Dario Stevenson -- the other tow-truck driver involved in the incident -- also previously filed a lawsuit against Wahler.  While Stevenson's lawyer had originally requested his client receive $1 million in damages, Wahler was only ordered to pay $20,000.

Alarcon is seeking more than $100,000 in damages in his lawsuit, E! News reported.