After a recap of the season last week, The Apprentice 3 was back with an all-new episode this week.

Despite the fact that The Donald appeared to want to talk himself into his season-long tradition of firing the loosing project manager, in this case Angie Harper, and despite his repeated disgust with Chris Sheltonís chewing tobacco addiction, Erin Elmore, the 26-year-old attorney from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, made one too many wisecracks in the boardroom -- annoying Trump to the point that she became the ninth contestant to hear his favorite "youíre fired" catch phrase,

In the previous episode of The Apprentice, the book-smart and street-smart teams were reshuffled, moving college educated Erin and Stephanie Myers to the street-smart Networth, and high school educated Craig Williams and Tana Goertz to the book-smart Magna. Being the only remaining contestant who had never yet been a project manager, Craig, volunteered to lead his new team in this week's challenge, Magna, Meanwhile at Networth, Angie, the winning project manager of Episode 3's task, took the lead role on this week's "create a Do-It-Yourself Workshop for The Home Depot" task.

At Networth, Angie's initial idea of organizing a workshop to demonstrate the installation of decorative wall trim was quickly shot down by her less than enthusiastic teammates, prompting Erin, a former beauty pageant contestant, to quip "I know what a crown is, but I don't know what crown molding is." After some on-site discussion, the team eventually settled on an interesting (but rather difficult to assemble) project consisting of a movable kitchen island. During their in-store demonstration Angie's attempt to present the project was hampered by her teammate Chrisí inability to put the model together, leading to one of his frequent profanity-laced tirades. In another decision that almost came back to haunt her, Angie relegated Erin, who had proved herself a good presenter in previous tasks, to passing out fliers due to her complete disinterest in the project and her overall uselessness on the task.

On the Magna side, Craig initially got off on the wrong foot with his new teammates when he was unable to sell his team on his suggested workshop idea of a "toy box." Eventually though -- following much grousing and complaining about how "boring" the idea was -- his team rose to the occasion and even added some creative suggestions and energy into an idea that was clearly a hit with customers from both a creative and simplistic assembly approach. In the surprise to no one, Magna won the task easily.

As their reward for winning, Magna received one of the coolest looking prizes ever given on reality television, a trip in zero gravity on a supersonic jet. The pictures of the team weightlessly floating around the jet's interior were impressive and regardless of their eventual placement in this game, Magna's members were given an experience few people will ever have.

In the boardroom, project manager Angie immediately took aim at Erin for her general bad attitude and lack of contribution on the task. Chris backed her up completely, while Stephanie wavered and implied it was Angieís fault without actually saying anything at all. Erin defended herself the only way she could -- by pointing out not only Angieís obvious missteps on the task at hand, but also the easily agitated Chrisí unprofessional behavior in both this task and others. Erinís arguments appeared to be working for a time, but her repeated barbed comments finally came back to her when she sassily questioned Trump about his decision to follow the recommendation of trusted aides George and Carolyn and not fire Angie, prompting The Donald to state "Youíre a real wiseguy" before firing her.