The Bachelorette producers faked the ending of Emily Maynard's eighth-season finale, if you believe a new Us Weekly report.

Not only did Maynard allegedly use her fantasy suite with bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. and sleep with him during their date, but The Bachelorette star also apparently went on her final date with him in Curacao only to watch him turn her back on her and quit the show near its end, Us reported in its August 6 issue.

Viewers saw Maynard reject Luyendyk and send him home the day after she had embarked on her final date with Jef Holm when she had allowed her now-fiance to meet her daughter Ricki.

However, an unidentified source claimed to Us that Maynard actually did attend her last date with Luyendyk, but once she broke the news to the race car driver that he wasn't going to meet Ricki, "he knew she wouldn't pick him, and left."

In the process of Luyendyk leaving, he reportedly "stormed off," according to the source.

"He screamed, 'You just slept with me!' [But] it wasn't shown on TV," the source claimed.

Holm had reportedly insisted Maynard "shouldn't allow Ricki to meet Arie because it would confuse her" during their final one-on-one date together the day prior -- advice Maynard apparently took to heart and acted upon, ultimately leading to Luyendyk's subsequent meltdown. 

Due to the chain of events, Maynard then allegedly taped -- after Luyendyk's departure -- her interview with Chris Harrison in which she told the host she had made up her mind and certainly knew Holm was the man for her. The scene made it appear to viewers as if Maynard had come to the conclusion she wanted to proactively dump Luyendyk prior to heading out on their final date together.

"It was edited," the source suggested to Us.

Us also reported that while Luyendyk and Holm recently did interviews claiming they're still best friends and will continue to be, Holm has asked Luyendyk to stop communicating with Maynard altogether.

"Jef told Arie to stop talking to Emily," added the source.