Emily Maynard has elaborated on why she felt the need to let bachelor Joe Gendreau go. 

"Joe made me laugh all day, said all of the right things, and couldn't have been more of a gentleman, but I knew that we were just in different places in our lives," The Bachelorette star wrote in her People blog about eliminating Gendreau on their first one-on-one date together during Monday night's broadcast.

"He's such a sweet, genuine guy but during dinner while we were writing down our 'love wishes,' I realized that we just weren't right for each other."

Maynard might've known Gendreau wasn't the ideal match for her early on, but it didn't make his departure any less heart-wrenching for her. In fact, the 26-year-old single mom said she was surprised she got so emotional, because she had always been skeptical herself about how difficult it could really be to dismiss someone you basically just met.

"I had watched the show before and seen people sent home on dates and always wondered, 'How hard can it really be? You barely even know each other!' Let me be the first to say I was absolutely wrong! I never imagined I would be doing the 'ugly cry' on my second date, but it wasn't because I thought I was breaking Joe's heart by any means," Maynard explained.

"We've all had someone tell us that we're not the one for them and it's never an easy thing to hear no matter how well you know the person. I just hated having to look at a guy that had done nothing wrong all day and be that girl. Knowing what a funny guy Joe is, though, he probably skipped to the limo and made the driver laugh just as much as he made me and all of the other guys in the house laugh."

Although her one-on-one date with Gendreau didn't go as well as Maynard had initially anticipated, her first date with bachelor Ryan Bowers turned out to be the exact opposite.

"I could've sat and talked to Ryan for hours, but I couldn't wait to surprise him with one of my favorite bands, Gloriana, outside! Ryan impressed me in so many ways all day and he definitely set the bar high for the rest of the guys," Maynard said, adding that her very simple cookie-baking date with Bowers wasn't a stunt.

"It really was my turn as 'Snack Mom,' and I was willing to risk Ryan being a little disappointed over facing the wrath of a soccer team full of hungry 6-year-olds! Ryan is such a great guy: He jumped right into my daily chores and even offered to replace light bulbs while the cookies were baking."

Also during last night's The Bachelorette episode, Emily got a taste of what group dates were going to be like and wasn't blind to the fact many of her suitors might've been a bit uncomfortable or nervous.

"All day, I could tell just by looking at [Jef Holm] that he was wondering what in the world he had gotten himself into. I immediately wanted to comfort him because I remember thinking the same thing on my first group date with [Brad Womack]," Maynard wrote.

"I decided to give him the rose because I wanted him to give this whole experience a chance -- I truly believe it can work if the right two people find each other."

But what would a group date with 12 bachelors and one woman be without any drama?

"By the time we got to the afterparty, we were all exhausted and I hope that's the reason behind [Kalon McMahon] and Stevie's disagreement, because I still can't figure out why they dislike each other so much. I had no idea any of that was going on!" Maynard added.