Emily Maynard has admitted she feared The Bachelorette producers would surprise her with the returns of either her ex-fiance Brad Womack or former The Bachelorette bachelor Bentley Williams.

"As the helicopter was landing a million thoughts were going through my mind. I remember standing there confused, not knowing what to expect, but I also knew whoever stepped out was obviously trying to make a huge impression... I was extremely nervous that it was Brad or possibly Bentley! I was relieved to see a fresh face," The Bachelorette star wrote on her People blog following Monday night's premiere of the show's eighth edition on ABC. 

Maynard was mostly likely worried about Williams -- who competed for Ashley Hebert's heart on last year's seventh edition of The Bachelorette but secretly admitted he would've preferred Maynard to be the season's star instead -- because he continuously bashed Hebert in his confessionals during the show while deceptively pining for her affection to her face.  

Although the 26-year-old single mom was impressed by Kalon's arrival via helicopter during The Bachelorette's Monday night premiere, another suitor's entrance apparently topped it in her eyes.

"As extravagant as the helicopter was, Jef showing up on the skateboard was way more impressive in my mind! I immediately loved that he wasn't trying to impress me with some over the top entrance, but was clearly confident enough in himself that he didn't need all of that extra 'stuff.' He's obviously a free spirit but I was surprised at how soft spoken and sweet he was after talking to him," Maynard said.

A couple more of the season's 25 bachelors also stood out in Maynard's mind for their great first impressions at the mansion in her hometown of Charlotte, NC.

"Anyone who knows me knows I have an extreme love for shoes, so Tony hit it out of the park with his glass slipper entrance. He did a great job making a memorable impression because as he walked away he made me realize how much I want the fairytale ending and how this time I really hope the glass slipper fits and I find my Prince Charming!" said the former fifteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette.

However, bachelor Doug took the cake for the night and received Maynard's special first impression rose after giving her a heartfelt handwritten letter from his 11-year-old son Austin.

"What a sweetheart! The letter his son wrote to me was one of the sweetest things I have ever received and if anyone can appreciate how hard it is being away from their child, it's me. I'm so grateful that Doug took a chance on love, and I was honored that he saw something in me that made it worth it for him to come," Maynard explained.

"It meant a lot and I wanted him to know that I would take a chance on him too and that's why I gave him the first impression rose."