Ellen DeGeneres paid a tribute to a recent contestant on "The Bachelor" by helping actress Emma Watson hire an adult nanny.

DeGeneres used a hidden ear piece to feed lines to Watson while she interviewed a woman for a nanny position that would cater to her own personal needs inspired by "The Bachelor" bachelorette Corinne Olympios.

"I got the idea, I was watching 'The Bachelor,'" Watson said at Degeneres' instruction. "I started saying 'vagine' too."

Watson then proceeded to describe her "particular" tendencies, saying she usually demands the crust be cut off her bread and prefers Red Bull over milk.

She assured the woman that she can "go to the potty" by herself.

DeGeneres then instructed Watson to laugh maniacally to demonstrate that "the family that laughs together, stays together," before breaking down in tears to test how the nanny would help soothe an injured finger.

Watson continued the bizarre and infantile behavior by pulling out a giant lollipop at her designated snack time and speaking self-affirming phrases into a mirror after tossing her phone.

This soon came to an end as Watson informed the woman she was not actually in search of a nanny and the two shared a laugh-filled embrace.