Edyta Sliwinska has denied that she is leaving Dancing with the Stars due to "a major disagreement" with the show's producers.

TMZ had reported that the alleged disagreement was the cause of her Dancing with the Stars departure as part of a Monday report in Sliwinska had told the website of her decision to quit the show.

"I never said anything about 'major disagreement with production' of DWTS. We have different views but that's about it," Sliwinska wrote in a series of recent Twitter posts. 

"I'm grateful to the show but my life can't be limited to DWTS. I hope you understand. Please know that you guys, the audience was the best part of the experience."

Monday's TMZ report had quoted the 29-year-old dancer as saying Dancing with the Stars' producers wanted her "career to be the show" but she was "going back to school to get my degree in Communications and Dance" because she couldn't "be a dancer my whole life."

In addition, Sliwinska also allegedly told TMZ she was frustrated Dancing with the Stars' producers hadn't included her husband, fellow professional dancer Alec Mazo, in the show more.

However Sliwinska -- the only professional dancer who had participated in all of the ABC ballroom dancing competition's first ten seasons -- claims she was "terribly misquoted and misinterpreted" by the website.

"TMZ terribly misquoted and misinterpreted everything I said. But the truth is that I'm moving on," she wrote on Twitter.  "I decided it's time to move on with my life, pursue other projects and finish school."

"By the way my major is media and communication not dance as TMZ quoted."