After winning a three-part challenge to become Big Brother 5's twelfth and final Head of Household, Drew Daniel opted to evict Diane Henry, his house girlfriend, during Friday evening's special Big Brother 5 broadcast.

Having decided to evict Diane, Drew, the 22-year-old single recent college graduate from Urbana, OH, will now face the Final Two jury alongside Michael Ellis (aka "Cowboy"), the 23-year-old security officer from Durant, OK with whom he allied during the summer-long program's initial days. Big Brother 5's live finale will take place on Tuesday, September 21 at 8PM ET/PT, with a special two-hour season finale of The Amazing Race 5 following at 9PM ET/PT.

During Friday's broadcast, Cowboy defeated Diane in the second part of the three-part HoH challenge, earning the right to compete with Drew, who had already won the first part of the challenge, in the third and final part of the competition. In the final "Encore Presentation" challenge, Drew bested Cowboy in a quiz of incomplete sentences that had been spoken by each of the current jury members, winning the all-powerful final HoH title as a result.

After separately assuring both Cowboy and Diane that he planned to take them to the Final Two, Drew choose to keep Cowboy when the final moment of truth came, leaving a shocked and tearful Diane to leave the house and be interviewed by Big Brother host Julie Chen.

As the seventh and final member of the jury, Diane will join Jennifer Dedmon (aka "Nakomis"), Karen O'Neil-Ganci, Marvin Latimer, twin sisters Adria Klein and Natalie Carroll, and Will Wikle in judging Drew and Cowboy and determining which one of them will receive the show's $500,000 grand prize.