The U.S. television star known as Dog the bounty hunter has offered to co-sign for the bond of jailed "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis.

After watching a jail house interview with Francis on Fox News, then independently researching Francis' legal situation, Duane "Dog" Chapman said he thinks Francis has been mistreated by the Florida legal system and has offered to stand up for Francis in court.

"I make this offer to the judge who is keeping Joe Francis behind bars," Chapman said in a statement. "I will co-sign Joe's bond, and if he violates his bail in any way; if he fools me or proves me wrong, I will personally track him down to the ends of the earth at no charge, and bring him back before the judge."

Chapman's wife, Beth, who owns the bond company, has offered to write the bond, creating a double risk for the Chapmans.

Francis has been behind bars -- first in Florida and now in Nevada -- for more than six months.

Although bail has been granted in Nevada, while Francis awaits trial on federal tax evasion charges, his bond on a separate case in Florida -- possession of contraband medication -- has been revoked.