Discovery Channel has announced Storm Chasers, a new reality series that follows a team in search of tornadoes, will premiere on Wednesday, October 17 at 10PM ET/PT.

Storm Chasers will follow research meteorologist Josh Wurman and filmmaker Sean Casey in their attempt to chronicle scientific data and rare footage from inside tornadoes.  They'll be journeying across 700,000 square miles of flatland between the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains, battling with numerous other scientists and storm enthusiasts trying to make their way inside an actual tornado.

Casey will be attempting to film the tornadoes from "TIV," his self-designed and self-built Tornado Intercept Vehicle. Along with the aid of his assistants, he'll be attempting to drive the 14,000-pound vehicle directly into the heart of the storm.  Wurman will be leading the entire team from his command post -- a Doppler on Wheels vehicle that helps ensure the group's safety as they maneuver across America's "Tornado Alley."

"Using incredible technology, Storm Chasers immerses viewers in the heart of tornadoes," said Jane Root, Discovery Channel's president and general manager.  "The series not only offers astonishing footage and the terrifying excitement of chasing these storms, but also brings perspective to the devastation and impact these storms have on the people who live in this part of America."

Storm Chasers is produced by Original Media, with Clara Markowicz and Charlie Corwin serving as executive producers for the production company.  Mary Donahue will serve as executive producer for Discovery Channel.