DeMario Jackson reportedly wants to hash things out with Corinne Olympios behind closed doors now that Warner Bros. found no evidence of sexual assault on the set of Bachelor in Paradise 4.

According to sources close to DeMario, the bachelor is looking for answers and wants to discuss the recent Bachelor in Paradise scandal with Corinne in private to hopefully receive some peace of mind, TMZ reported.

DeMario is reportedly "blindsided and confused" over the fact Corinne is calling herself a victim in regards to their hookup in Paradise, especially since the investigation that shut down production on the ABC reality dating series determined he's innocent.

Producers reportedly told DeMario that the entire cast was sent home from Mexico because a third party had an issue with the public display of affection -- not Corinne personally. DeMario also assumed he'd remain friends with Corinne since they got along so well on that first day of filming and were laughing and chatting, TMZ reported.

DeMario doesn't understand what changed on Corinne's part, and he's very interested to find out.

However, DeMario refuses to be the first person to reach out in this situation since he believes Corinne is wrongly and unfairly saying she is dealing with "physical and emotional trauma" stemming from their sexual encounter.

If Corinne does, in fact, contact and reach out to DeMario, sources close to the bachelor insisted to the website he'd drop everything to have a conversation.

But DeMario -- who was reportedly fired from his job as an executive recruiter in Century City, CA -- is allegedly telling his friends he's not holding a grudge against Corinne, mainly because he expects to see her out and about with fellow The Bachelor and The Bachelorette alums in the near future.

As previously reported, DeMario has no desire to continue filming Bachelor in Paradise now that production has resumed. Corinne is also unlikely to return, as insiders have recently claimed she was not even asked back.

DeMario will be conducting an emotional and candid interview about the Bachelor in Paradise scandal in three parts beginning June 26 at 7PM ET/PT on E!. It's been about one week since Warner Bros. cleared DeMario of any wrongdoing.

Bachelor in Paradise began filming its fourth season on June 4 but shut down production on June 7 due to allegations of "misconduct." A show producer allegedly filed a complaint with Warner Bros. out of concern Corinne was too intoxicated to consent to hooking up with DeMario.

DeMario released a statement on June 14 saying his character had been "assassinated with false claims and malicious allegations," and most of the Bachelor in Paradise cast seemed to support him over Corinne, including the blonde beauty's close friends Jasmine Goode and Raven Gates.

Corinne's legal team, however, insisted last week it would continue its own investigation, suggesting justice has not been served.