Dean Unglert and Kristina Schulman apparently never called it quits on their Bachelor in Paradise romance.

"We're working on things to see if there is a future there," Dean, 26, revealed to People.

"It's a matter of rebuilding trust and seeing if there is a mutual attraction, physically and emotionally."

Dean and Kristina, 24, immediately hit it off in Mexico while filming Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise this past summer, and when production shut down for almost two weeks in June, Dean visited the bachelorette in her Kentucky hometown.

"Kristina is an incredible girl," Dean told the magazine. "She's bright, she's beautiful, and she has a lot to offer anyone. Whoever ends up with her is lucky and if I'm that guy, I would be incredibly lucky."

When the pair returned to Playa Escondida in Mexico to resume taping, however, Dean realized he wanted to slow things down.

But Dean didn't just want some space; he wanted to date other women. When Danielle Lombard -- nicknamed "DLo" -- arrived on the show, Dean seemed head over heels for her, mainly because of her gorgeous looks.

Dean spent his days in Paradise going back and forth between the two women as they put up with his indecisiveness, until the bachelor was given an ultimatum.

Dean then chose Danielle, and Kristina quit the show and memorably told the cast she deserved to find a man who would value and appreciate her.

Just when viewers thought Dean was going to take his relationship with Danielle seriously and pursue her whole-heartedly, Dean confessed he was still in love with Kristina and needed to leave the show. Danielle was shocked and disappointed, and she also left Paradise single and alone.

"I do feel horrible about, you know, watching it back and seeing the way that they were both treated," Dean told Us Weekly in September.

Dean, who now hosts the podcast I Suck At Dating on the iHeartRadio app, said he's learning more about himself every day and would consider starring on The Bachelor in 2019 if things don't work out with Kristina, a Russian dental hygienist.

"If I was at a point in my life where it made sense for me and I was financially and emotionally in the right spot, I would think about being the Bachelor," Dean revealed.

"I think I have a long way to go before I'm ready, but at the end of the day, everyone wants to find love."