Don't look now, but the members of The Apprentice 3's college-educated Magna corporation are dropping like flies -- but given who they're losing, it might be the best thing that could happen to them.

After watching one dysfunctional team member -- Verna Felton -- quit prior to the episode's task assignment, Magna selected another -- Danny Kastner -- to serve as its third task project manager, only to see Donald Trump fire him from the competition after his poor leadership led the team to their second loss.

The Apprentice 3's third episode began with Verna following through with what she'd begun the previous episode -- quitting the competition. With Carolyn Kepcher not around to stop her a second time, Verna packed her things and quietly left the penthouse as the rest of the team prepared dinner, having already said her goodbyes during an earlier team meeting in which she announced her decision to leave.

After assembling in Times Square the following morning, Trump informed the teams that their third task would involve executing a marketing campaign for Nescafé Taster's Choice. Seemingly forgetting about the pitiful Burger King marketing promotion that he'd designed during their first task, Magna selected Danny as its project manager, citing his advertising and marketing experience (although perhaps they were also secretly recognizing that both of the first two tasks' losing project managers had been the candidates to be fired.)

As he had in Magna's first task, Danny once again proved incapable of making marketing decisions in a timely fashion, waiting until the last minute to hire an event planner but still failing to come up with the promotion that they would be executing. Over at the high school-educated Networth team, Angie Harper asked that she be considered for her team's project manager position, citing the strong acceptance of her "All-American Taster's Choice campaign" idea. Showing none of the infighting prevalent on the Magna team, Networth agreed, recognizing both the strength of the idea and her passion for it.

When the campaigns were executed. Magna predictably came up short, sending Networth off on a victorious helicopter tour of the New York City skyline and Danny and his Magna corporation off to their second boardroom session with The Donald.

Recognizing that his own neck was on the line as a result of his team's loss, Danny suddenly began showing the creative nature that he'd failed to exhibit during the actual task, convincing his team that they should recommend that Trump fire Michael Tarshi (who had an exemption due to his role as project manager during the team's second episode victory) as a result of his failure to contribute anything significant to the task.

Despite Trump's explanation that you have to live by the rules in business, Danny still proceeded to bring Michael back into the boardroom with him, along with Stephanie Myers. Frustrated that Danny had brought one candidate who had done her job and another who was ineligible to be fired, Trump fired Danny, citing his refusal to play by the rules.