Danny Gokey has gotten engaged to girlfriend Leyicet Peralta.

The former eighth-season American Idol finalist, whose former wife Sophia passed away three years ago, announced the news of his engagement on the website of Sophia's Heart Foundation -- which was created in his late wife's loving memory.

"He is thrilled to have found Leyicet who also shares his passion and desire to help children and families in need," the charity announced.

"Accordingly, Danny and Leyicet have requested to their wedding guests that all gifts be in the form of a donation to Sophia's Heart."

The 31-year-old singer recently told his family and friends that he and Peralta will be getting married, and the couple hope to wed in late January of next year.

"We are thankful for so many of the blessings God has given us. It is our desire to see homeless children and families be kept together and lifted back on their feet through the help of Sophia's Heart. We love and appreciate you all," the couple said in a statement released on the website.

Gokey -- a 31-year-old from Milwaukee, WI who made it to the Top 3 during American Idol's 2009 season -- lost his late wife in 2008 after she underwent a routine heart surgery, and his tragic back story was prominently featured during his Idol edition.