Danielle Maltby gave Nick Viall a bottle of maple syrup upon meeting him for the first time, and The Bachelor star had no doubt she was just as sweet.

The blonde beauty is a 31-year-old neonatal nurse from Nashville, TN, and certainly made an impression on Nick. He even licked the maple syrup off her finger when she stepped out of the limo on Night 1.

"There was something about Danielle M. that made me know almost immediately that she was a great woman," Nick wrote in his People blog.

"To work as a neonatal nurse takes a certain kind of person. I could feel that Danielle exuded kindness, patience and had the qualities I would want in a partner."

Nick and Danielle also bonded over their shared Wisconsin roots.

"I also found out we grew up only a few towns over from one another," Nick explained. "I found a familiarity with her while also leaving our conversation wanting to get to know her so much more."

Danielle has yet to share her tragic backstory on The Bachelor. She was previously engaged to musician Nicholas "Nick" Haag, however, he reportedly died of an overdose in March 2011. Coincidentally, Haag died in the emergency room of Waukesha Memorial Hospital in Viall's Wisconsin hometown.

The bachelorette left her hometown when her fiance passed away because she wanted to start somewhere fresh.

Danielle was one of 22 women to receive a rose at The Bachelor's first Rose Ceremony, during which eight beautiful bachelorettes were sent packing.