Dancing with the Stars was apparently able to secure the clearance for a Michael Jackson tribute that So You Think You Can Dance couldn't get.

Dancing with the Stars will air a ballroom dance tribute to Jackson -- who passed away in June at the age of 50 -- during Tuesday night's live ninth-season results show, Access Hollywood reported Wednesday.

The tribute will include all of the show's professional dancers and feature Cheryl Burke as one of the choreographers.

"That's going to be wonderful," said Access Hollywood guest correspondent La Toya Jackson.  "I'm so excited. I can't wait to see that. I'm really looking forward to that. That's gonna be fabulous."

In addition, La Toya said her mom Katherine -- who currently has legal custody of Michael's three children -- will be "very excited" and "very happy" to see the tribute.

"She'd love to see it, love to see it," explained La Toya, adding her mom is a Dancing with the Stars fan. "She watches it all the time. She loves it."

The day after Michael passed away in June, So You Think You Can Dance co-creator Nigel Lythgoe used Twitter to reach out to Paula Abdul and several So You Think You Can Dance choreographers in an effort to help organize a Jackson tribute in one of the show's fifth-season summer episodes.

However he subsequently has to cancel the tribute due to the show's inability to secure clearance for his music.

"Unfortunately we had some bad news yesterday. We thought that we would do a Michael Jackson tribute and put all of Michael's music together," said Lythgoe during a fifth-season results show broadcast.

"We put the music through to Sony and said, 'Sony, can we clear this music?'  Yesterday, we got a note back -- whether it's Sony or the [Jackson] family estate, I don't know -- but they would not clear the music for us."