Professional dancer Cheryl Burke, known for her performances on the U.S. TV series "Dancing with the Stars," says she enjoys her new figure.

The 25-year-old dancer, who recently showed off her new thinner frame while frolicking on a beach in St. Lucia, said after being criticized for her added weight, she made a strong effort to shed those excess pounds, reported Friday.

"I gained a few pounds and everybody was talking about it last year," Burke told People magazine. "But taking it off was simply a matter of doing a bit more cardio to supplement my dancing. I'm also making sure I eat clean foods and healthy snacks."

Burke, who has partnered with two celebrity winners of "Stars" during her tenure on the ABC series, told People the popular series is showing people how dancing can be a fun way to stay fit.

"People are seeing that it's a great alternative to going to the gym," Burke said. "It's a great way to do something really healthy for your body and you don't even know it because you have so much fun doing it."