Corinne Olympios will be a polarizing character on The Bachelor this season as she pursues Nick Viall's heart, according to host Chris Harrison.

The 24-year-old from Miami, FL, is "a very attractive business owner, is very interesting, well-off, and successful. She runs her parents' multimillion-dollar company. She definitely approaches The Bachelor process with a business boardroom attitude," Harrison told Yahoo! TV.

Olympios aggressively planted a kiss on Viall on Night 1 of filming, rubbing her fellow bachelorettes the wrong way. Previews for upcoming episodes also show the blonde beauty taking her bikini top off during a group-date photo shoot with Viall and surprising him in his hotel room later on just to have sex.

"[She has] that 'didn't come here to make friends, take no prisoners' attitude. She is there to close the deal, and that can be off-putting to the women she has to live with," Harrison said.

The franchise host said Olympios reminded him of Michelle Money from Brad Womack's season of The Bachelor that aired back in 2011.

Money had an "in it to win it" attitude and often bragged about receiving roses or attention from Womack. Although fellow bachelorettes accused Money of going on the show for fame and victory, the hairstylist argued her feelings for Womack were completely real and her seemingly catty comments were sarcastic.

Money later appeared on Bachelor Pad 2 and Bachelor in Paradise's first edition. She won viewers and cast members over with her genuine approach to dating, especially since she has a daughter back home. Money grew into a lovable and honest character, so her story arch on the franchise is one of the more memorable ones.

"There are two things I am interested to see with Corinne: One is, there's this odd side to her that is very endearing, almost in a Michelle Money way. Like remember how Michelle would rub people the wrong way but you couldn't help but love her at the same time?" Harrison explained.

"This is the same sort of thing. I will be interested to see where the fans fall on her. I think they will either think she's the devil or they will love her a lot."

But Harrison admitted he really liked Olympios -- and so did Viall, who has said time and time again he looks for a strong and independent woman.

"I love her badass, take-charge attitude," Harrison told Yahoo! TV. "And Nick does respond to it pretty well."