Corinne Olympios has been under fire for her wild behavior since The Bachelor premiered a few weeks ago, but Nick Viall is defending her.

Olympios snagged a makeout session on Night 1, took her bikini top off during the season's first group date and has made a habit of interrupting numerous conversations other women are trying to have with Viall.

And in the latest The Bachelor episode, the Miami model rocked a trench coat before the Rose Ceremony and asked Viall to lick whipped cream off her chest.

"Okay, so I'm sure you're all dying to know what I thought when Corinne took out the whipped cream. If there is one thing Corinne never fails to succeed in, it is being full of surprises," Viall wrote in his People blog.

"Did I ever expect to find myself in front of The Bachelor mansion with a woman in a trench coat? Never... [But] I also want to point out she wasn't naked, even though it might appear that way. That evening also happened to be my birthday."

Viall absolutely didn't seem to mind Olympios' approach to capture his attention and affection.

"I think she was trying to channel her inner Marilyn Monroe... Corinne is bold, sexy and unique -- so I kind of just ran with it for a moment," Viall confessed.

Viall has said it was very difficult to juggle Olympios' crazy antic with protecting the feelings of the rest of his bachelorettes.

Viall didn't want to shut Olympios down in fear she'd begin holding back or stop being herself, but at the same time, the other women would become angry or disappointed in the Bachelor when he took advantage of her sexual advances or public flirtation.

"It was important to make sure Corinne was comfortable, but I didn't want to get too carried away with a cocktail party happening, not to mention just moving too fast in our relationship," Viall explained, adding that Olympios did a terrible job of flying under the radar.

"I never wanted Corinne to find herself with a target on her back -- but sleeping through a Rose Ceremony didn't help her. These Rose-Ceremony nights are exhausting to say the least. They have an emotional toll, and they're also just long evenings."

Viall continued, "Despite the fact Corinne had a rose from the group date, she should have been there out of respect for the women who aren't in that same position of comfort."