Corinne Olympios' ex-fling, Keith Berman, is opening up about what is was like to date Nick Viall's The Bachelor villain and now watch her on TV.

"Soooo all you girls are wondering is Corinne actually batshit crazy in real life? Well I had a little fling with Corinne two years ago and let me be the first to say she's got you all eating out of the palms of her hands," Berman wrote in his "Live from the Gutter" blog.

"You think Corinne doesn't know exactly what she's doing?! HA! She's been playing this game her whole life, now she's just doing it on national TV."

Berman revealed Olympios is certainly an outgoing and confident young woman. Viewers have already seen her demand Viall lick whipped cream off her chest and hold her naked breasts during a group-date photo shoot.

"The very first time I met her, she aggressively came on to me just as strong as you see on TV with Nick. When you're a guy and a chick THAT HOT is into you like that, it's a HUGE turn on, I promise," Berman wrote.

Berman insisted the 24-year-old Miami, FL, native -- who lives at home with her parents, helps to run her father's business and has a nanny named Raquel -- is more intelligent than she seems.

"Trust me, she has wayyy more depth than they'll ever show you on TV. What else explains how we would speak on the phone for hours about global warming, women's rights, and the current state of foreign affairs! (Ok not really, but we would speak for hours about god knows what!)" he joked.

"She may not be the smartest girl in the world, but she plays to her strengths of being flirty, energetic, sexyyy, and a ton of fun."

Berman told Us Weekly that he met Olympios two years ago in her hometown through a mutual friend, they hooked up "a couple times" and ultimately "stayed in touch."

The pair spoke as recently as a few weeks ago, which is bad news if Viall actually picked this blonde beauty at the end of his The Bachelor journey.

Berman and Olympios apparently never got serious romantically because of distance. He lived in New York City at the time but currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.