Corinne Olympios and The Bachelor star Nick Viall turned up the heat during their date in her hometown of Miami, FL.

Corinne kicked off her date with the Bachelor by taking him shopping in upscale, expensive clothing stores -- one in which the bachelorette spent over $3,400. She spoiled Nick and bought him an outfit, and based on Monday night's episode, it was hard to tell whether he felt uncomfortable or loved every moment of it.

"I've said it once and I'll say it again: Shopping will NEVER be the same! Corinne decided to open up her world of clothes and fashion, and I'll never look at my clothes the same again," Nick wrote in his People blog.

"Trying on clothes with Corinne felt like a romantic comedy movie montage. Not every look was working for me -- but man did I have a great time."

While they both enjoy the finer things in life, Nick revealed their taste in fashion differs a little bit.

"Personally there were a pair of green horsehair shoes that I was very into, but Corinne put the kibosh on those," admitted Nick, who later warned Corinne he's the type of guy who shops for a bargain. "I'm pretty sure we settled on the best look, but I'm not kidding that I broke out in hives when the salesman ran that credit card."

Nick and Corinne then ate at a restaurant outside together, and the bachelorette blurted out that she was in love with him. At this point in the season, only Vanessa Grimaldi had confessed to Nick she was "falling in love."

"The moment Corinne told me she loved me was really special," Nick said. "We have come such a long way from that first kiss the night we met. Corinne is wild at heart but sometimes doesn't allow herself to be vulnerable. Knowing how Corinne felt made me so much more excited to be meeting her family."

Nick said that upon walking into Corinne's home, there was no doubt in his mind these people were related to her.

"It became instantly obvious this was her family... The energy and cries of love that broke out was what Corinne shares with me daily. So much had been leading up to meeting the people that raised this fun and charming woman, and they're exactly as I imagined!" Nick explained.

"Right off the bat, this family made me feel welcome and had me laughing right away. I also want to go on record that Jim's olive really was one of the best I've ever had. Corinne's parents were welcoming and very easy to talk to."

And Nick finally got to meet Corinne's nanny Raquel, with whom Bachelor Nation has seemingly been obsessed since her identity was revealed in Season 21's premiere broadcast.
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"When I finally sat down with the famous Raquel, it was like meeting a hero from a novel," Nick noted. "This woman has been such an important person not only in Corinne's life, but a huge part of her family's. I left Miami feeling welcome, knowing exactly how Corrine felt about me and looking forward to what lay ahead."