Corinne Olympios welcomed Nick Viall into her Miami home, and it certainly gave The Bachelor star some perspective.

After a long day of shopping in upscale, expensive stores -- during which the blonde beauty spent over $3,400 in one place and bought Nick an outfit -- Corinne introduced the 36-year-old former software salesman to her mother Peri, father Jim, younger sister Taylor, and nanny Raquel.

"I think we've all been dying to meet Corinne's family, especially Raquel, who has been much discussed all season long. It was really nice to see where Corinne came from," Chris Harrison wrote in his Yahoo! TV blog of the 24-year-old aspiring model who helps to run her father's business.

"Her family is high energy and funny and also really serious about her finding love, including Raquel."

Monday night's episode made it seem like Corinne was actually asked harder questions about her relationship than Nick.

Jim wanted to make sure that Corinne was okay with being "the breadwinner," and she insisted she was fine with that scenario because Nick was the type of guy she never felt worthy of dating.

Corinne confessed to her loved ones that she loved Nick and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

"It was also great to see Corinne taken out of the competitive environment and allowed to thrive on her own," Chris noted.

"Everyone has many different sides, and part of dating is exploring those sides."

It was clear Corinne's Greek family adores her and just wanted to make sure she'd be happy with Nick. At this stage in the game, Corinne was very vulnerable and anticipating a marriage proposal, which she claimed she was ready for.

"I really think Nick learned a lot about Corinne this week," Chris said. "I heard Raquel taught Nick some recipes he can use to keep Corinne happy if they end up together."

Cheese pasta and cucumber salads, perhaps?