Deemed to have the least potential of the new season's thirteen finalists, Christian Evans, 19-year-old bank teller from Columbia, SC, became the first girl eliminated from the seventh edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's inaugural The CW broadcast of former UPN reality show.

After a first hour that featured the thirty-two semifinalists being narrowed down to the show's thirteen finalists, America's Next Top Model 7 began in earnest when the broadcast's second hour started. Once they learned that they'd made Top Model 7's finalist cut, the thirteen girls were sent to their first challenge, a runway competition that used clothes from the designers of Elmer Ave. Testing both their runway walks and their ability to style themselves, the girls had to choose their clothes off the backs of thirteen male models, feminize their outfit, and then wear it down the runway.

Heading into the challenge, Christian was full of confidence. "Runway has always been my forte. I rule the runway," Christian boasted before the challenge began. However when the runway challenge ended, the Elmer Ave designers selected Melrose Bickerstaff as its winner. As the challenge's winner, Melrose won the opportunity to be "Diva for the Day" on the set of the girls' next photo shoot.

At the next day's fashion shoot, the girls were greeted by "Tyra the Diva," a Tyra Banks performance in which she exemplified all of the stereotypes that the public often associates with the modeling world. Then, in what could rank as one of the most controversial photo shoots in Americaís Next Top Model history, each girl was required to portray a different modeling stereotype.

While many of the girls struggled to represent their stereotype, Christian had an especially difficult time attempting to portray her "model turned actress" assignment. "She needs to find her own image," Jay, frustrated that Christian had continued to give the same pose over and over again, vented during the shoot. "I wasn't sure if I was grasping the concept," Christian later admitted to the judges.

During the weekís elimination ceremony, Tyra and the judges felt that although several of the girls did not exhibit model behavior, Christian had shown the least potential to become America's Next Top Model next winner. "The judges looked at your photo and thereís something thatís just not popping through," Tyra explained to Christian just before eliminating her from the competition.