Chris Harrison is apparently amazed at how cocky Chris Bukowski has been coming across on Bachelor Pad this season. 

"His arrogance really is astounding. Even if you think you know what's coming, the audacity is stunning in a sad way for him," the Bachelor Pad host told TV Guide in a recent interview.

During Monday night's Bachelor Pad broadcast, a smitten Jamie Otis attempted to talk to Bukowski while he was resting. Otis believed she could make him happy and please him as a girlfriend as long as he'd be willing to open up to her, but Bukowski had absolutely no interest in sparking any real romance with Otis despite his previous handsy actions.

"Are you playing hard to get?" Otis asked Bukowski after he basically shooed her away.

"No, I'm not. I swear to God," Bukowski replied.

"Then what is it?" Otis asked.

"It's not you. It's just me," Bukowski said. "I'll talk to you about it, but not tonight... I'm tired, seriously."

Harrison suggested in his Entertainment Weekly blog that the exchange was a bad idea for both parties involved.

"Drama was brewing as Jamie decided to throw herself at Chris again. Chris, being the diplomatic ladies' man he is, quickly gave Jamie the 'it's not you, it's me' line. The best part is, it wasn't even a cute version of this line. He literally said those words to her. As you saw in the previews [for] next week, Chris will continue to impress women all over the world with his charm and wit," Harrison wrote.

While Bukowski's "arrogance" may have led him to believe he's been calling the shots in the house so far this season, Harrison apparently has another take on who's been in charge.
"You'll also see the [Michael Stagliano] alliance run the house. Just like last season, his group is driving the house and he's quietly running this game. He did it this season under the guise of 'I'm your friend and I'm here to find love and coach you and hang around.' Obviously that's not true; He's playing the game. He's just cruising by," the host explained.